Absolute Arts

Terms and Conditions


-All customers are to now pay online, via card payment, prior to enrolment in class. Spaces cannot be reserved without payment.

Payment plans are available at the discretion of Absolute Arts. A valid debit / credit card must be added to your account in order to activate the payment plan. The payment plan covers the cost of the entire term. All money is payable regardless if the student ceases training. Any monies outstanding will be payable on the due dates specified. If a credit / debit card is removed from the system and payment is not made, payment will be pursued via alternative means, such as court proceedings


-Refunds will only be made if a class is cancelled due to an internal reason - for example, sickness of a teacher where cover cannot be arranged. This DOES NOT include closure due to adverse weather conditions.

Refunds will not be issued if a student cannot attend a class.

In the event of a cancelled class, a replacement class will be offered in the first instance. If the school is forced to close, the replacement class will be offered online.

If a replacement class is not offered to a customer, then a refund will be issued.

Refunds will only be issued for the class(es) missed. The amount refunded will be based on the hourly rate of the class (the terms fee for that class divided by 12) taking into consideration any discounts applied to your account.

In the event of a pandemic or epidemic, including the current Covid-19 outbreak, if we are advised to close due to government guidelines and laws put in place, refunds will not be issued. We will however, move all timetabled classes onto our online platform so they can still be attended by the students and this will be at no extra cost to the customer.


-Students who are on unlimited packages that do not attend a class 3 or more times, will be removed from that specific class. This is so that other students have the opportunity to move into the class if they are on the waiting list. The student removed will be placed onto the waiting list until a space is available to be allocated to them.


-Half a term’s notice is required (minimum 6 weeks), in writing, via email or letter, to terminate this contract, and training at Absolute Arts. If notice is not given, in writing, you will be charged the equivalent of half a term (6 weeks) of your last invoice. The person signing this contract will be liable for any and all costs incurred by Absolute Arts to collect payment, should payment not be received. This includes but is not limited to; court costs, debt collection agency fees, admin charges and interest on outstanding money.


-New students are accepted at any time during the term as long there is a space available within the class. If the class is full, your name will be placed on our waiting list until a space is available.


-Absolute Arts reserves the right to change the timetable if necessary.


-During classes some physical contact may be necessary by a teacher to guide or demonstrate to the pupil. THIS WILL BE AVOIDED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WHILST SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURES ARE IN PLACE AND PHYSICAL CONTACT WILL ONLY BE MADE WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

Every care will be taken to safeguard your child whilst under our supervision / in our premises.

In the event of injury, physical contact may be required to ensure the health and wellbeing of the student. Injuries will be reported in the accident book.

Dancing, acrobatics and any / all physical exercise / activity poses a risk of injury and the person accepting the terms and conditions understands these risks and accepts that injury may occur.


Online Classes.

Absolute Arts cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage caused as a result of a student partaking in an online class. Any loss or damage suffered outside the premise of Absolute Arts – 188-192 Station Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex SS07SB, is the sole responsibility of the person or guardian / parent of the person causing the loss or damage.

Although every care is taken during the online classes to provide a safe and structured class. Absolute Arts cannot be held responsible for injury caused as a result of partaking in an online class. This includes all online classes offered. This is due to the teacher not being physically in the same premise as the person taking the class and therefore cannot fully protect the student from injury. It is the responsibility for the person or parent / guardian of the student (if under 18) to ensure that the area in which the student is to partake in the class is hazard free and safe. The person accepting the terms and conditions understands this clause and that Absolute Arts will not be financially liable for any costs incurred or loss of earnings as a result of injury. The person also accepts that online classes pose an increased risk of injury compared to a class physically in the premise of Absolute Arts.


-The collection and care outside the premises must remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Parents will collect their children from outside the premises. If a child is allowed to make their own way home, without a parent, then written permission must be given to Absolute Arts.


-Absolute Arts cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal property.

Photos / videos may be taken during classes/rehearsals/performances/events to be used on our website/social media and for promotional material. If you would prefer that your child not be involved in this, please talk to us.


-Students, teachers and anyone else entering the building will be required to sanitise their hands upon arrival. Their temperatures will also be checked and entry will be refused if a person is displaying a high temperature and / or symptoms of Covid-19. This is to safeguard everyone inside the premises. Refunds will not be issued if entrance is refused.

We expect parents and carers to make us aware if any student is displaying symptoms of COVID19 and keep students off until a negative COVID result has been obtained or they have reached the end of the recommended self isolation period.

In the case of a positive COVID test, Absolute Arts must be informed immediately. Any student or teacher who has made contact with that person will be asked to self isolate, along with their family, as per government guidelines. If this should result in a school closure, classes will be delivered online until it is safe to return.


-Absolute Arts has the right to change / update the Terms and Conditions if necessary.

By attending classes at Absolute Arts, I hereby agree to the above terms and conditions and confirm that I have read and understood them.