Adore Dance

Terms and Conditions

By submitting this form you are stating that you have read the 2022 prospectus & agree to abide by all the studio policies listed.

All families must register in Autopay when registering and have a current credit card on their profile. Autopay will run on the first Friday of each term for class fees and 4 weeks into each term for costume levy’s.

Any families wishing to pay by cash, cheque or direct deposit must do so prior to this each term for fees and prior to the beginning of week 4 for costume levy’s otherwise these will be processed.

If account remains outstanding after week 4 of term students will unfortunately be asked to sit out until fees are paid an arrangement is in place..

Account holders are responsible for keeping card information updated and current and responsible for any fees incurred for declined transactions.If classes are cancelled a make up lesson will be offered or if not possible will be credited to next term's account.

Behavior & Conduct Policies

• Adore Dance is seriously committed to its Behavior & Conduct Policy and will not tolerate bullying, exclusive behavior, racism, abusive language, threatening or physical harm or any other form of negativity towards others.

. Students enroled at Adore Dance are not to be taking classes at other studios when we offer all these genres.

• Students and parents are to be quiet & respectful to the classes that are running while you wait for your class. The studio and surrounds are to be kept clean and tidy.

• Punctuality to class is expected. Students are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early to warm up and be ready. 

YOUNG DANCERS – must be taken to the toilet just before their lesson begins.

• Adore Dance cannot be responsible for students outside their scheduled class times. To reduce anxiety to student/s please ensure prompt pick up or notify us immediately if you are delayed and we can ensure students remain in the studio until you arrive.

• Siblings are not to be left at the studio whilst their sibling is dancing without their parent supervising - we do not have supervision available and cannot be responsible for unattended siblings.

• Parents are to advise if students are unable to attend classes.

• Parents are responsible for keeping enrolment details up to date with any changes via your portal.

• Students are required the wear the appropriate uniform and footwear.

• Timetables are subject to change throughout the year but notice will be given.

Communication Policies

• Teachers are not to be approached during class times as this takes away time from the students.

• Please email, phone or message if you have any questions or concerns and a reply will be given as soon as possible during business hours.

Injury/Medical Policies

• It is the student’s/parent’s responsibility to inform the teacher of any injury/medical condition before class or during if it occurs in class.

• All care & Safe Dance Practices are undertaken, however Adore Dance is not liable for injuries or accidents occurring at the studio or organized events.

Concert & Costume Policies

• Our annual production is not compulsory. Those students who participate a costume deposit of $33.34 is required for each dance payable in terms 1,2 & 3, which is deducted in week 4 of the term. This is non refundable once the costume order has been placed.

• Only students who have paid all accounts will be able to participate in the Annual Concert.

Choreography Policies

• Adore Dance retains ownership of all choreography, creation and all such routines including associated music performed by or created for Adore Dance students.

Photograph/Video Policies

• Formal release is granted to Adore Dance to photograph/video student/s in class and performances for the use of learning tools, advertising/promotion of Adore Dance, updates for parents and Concert video where appropriate.

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS I have read the above mentioned Terms and Conditions for enrolment at Adore Dance and have discussed them with my child and agree to abide by them whilst enroled at Adore Dance.