All Things Dance

Terms and Conditions

T &C’s

1. Annual Registration of $45 will cover the current year January - December and is payable per student.

2. Accounts need to be finalised by the end of week 2 of each term. If there is an issue regarding fees: please email [email protected]

3. In the event of fees not being paid and NO COMMUNICATION with ATD,  an over due fee of $40 will be added the the account. (This fee covers the amount of time it takes admin to follow up each overdue account)

4. If accounts are not paid, students will be ineligible to participate in competition troupes, exams, finale fantastico, or public performances.

5. Accounts not paid will be presented to Debt Recovery with any additional fees to be added to the outstanding account.

6. Withdrawal from any class needs to be submitted in writing to [email protected]  BEFORE the end of the current term. Failure to due so will require full term payment.