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Terms and Conditions

Return to Face to Face Classes

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Thank you for sticking with us over the last few months.  We know it has been a tough time for everyone and we are looking forward to being able to start to return to some sort of normality.

Please read the information below carefully.  It is a lot to take in but as you can appreciate, we have had to make significant changes to be able to get back to face to face classes.  We know that this is a very confusing time for all parents and pupils, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.  We want to try and make this transition as easy as we can for all concerned. 

If you need any new uniform, please contact Dancewell ([email protected] or 0117 9730120) and they will be able to either send items to you or make an appointment for you to visit the shop.  Please only order what you need as items to be returned will need to be quarantined for 72 hours before they can be sent back.


We are very pleased to confirm that classes will re-start at Chepstow Leisure Centre on Monday 7th September 2020. 

We have undertaken a full COVID19 assessment and the following measures have been agreed with Monmouthshire County Council and Chepstow Leisure Centre.  We are not able to change entrance and exit arrangements as these are determined by the Leisure Centre.

Pupil numbers per class will be determined by the age of the pupils and the size of the room.  These will be in line with the Welsh Government arrangements for social distancing.

New Class Arrangements

1.       Only one parent can drop off and collect each pupil

2.       Please come prepared to wait outside the leisure centre in all weathers

3.       Pupils must come ready for the class, in the correct uniform, and with their hair tied back.  Any pupils who do not comply with this will not be allowed into the leisure centre and will not be able to participate in classes

4.       A maximum of 4 items per pupil will be allowed into the building with them (e.g. a coat/jumper, water bottle, phone, and dance shoes).  Any additional items will have to be taken away by the person dropping them off

5.       Each child will have their temperature checked prior to entering the building.  Any student that has a temperature of 37.8 degrees or over will not be permitted to enter the building/class

6.       Late arrivals will not be admitted to class.  Please do not come into the building if the pupils have already gone into class

7.       Parents must remain on site in case their child is ill and they are required to take them home (this is dictated by the leisure centre and we will not be able to change this).  Please note that the café will not be open and parents will not be able to wait inside the building

8.       There will be no facilities for pupils to fill up their water bottles.  Pupils must come with enough water for the classes they are attending

9.       The dance spaces will have socially distanced spots which the pupils will be required to stand on.  There is sufficient space in the community rooms and the sports hall to allow for movement whilst dancing

10.   Where classes need to maintain a social distance, this will be explained at the beginning of the class and we expect pupils to adhere to this, including senior classes.  If pupils cannot comply with this arrangement, they will be asked to leave the class

11.   Toilets will be available and will be cleaned and maintained by the Leisure Centre staff.  A process is in place to manage this and we will go through this with each class when they return

12.   Parents must collect their children on time as we will not be able to hold any children beyond the end of the class time due to social distancing measures

13.   In between each class, the door handles, barre, and floor will be disinfected to ensure that it is ready for the next set of pupils

14.   Tissues and hand gel will be available before, during and after the class

15.   If a pupil has more than one consecutive class on the same day, they will need to exit the building with the rest of the pupils, taking all their belongings with them, and be registered and temperature checked for the next class as per the process below

16.   No helpers will be allowed in the class except for our Teaching Assistants

17.   Masks are not compulsory and are not required during classes, however, it is at parent’s discretion if they or their child feels more comfortable wearing one during class

Entry and Exit Procedure for Classes

1.       Parents must queue outside the main entrance to the leisure centre on the left-hand side.  This will be clearly marked as a one-way system is in operation.  This includes senior students or those unaccompanied by a parent

2.       If there is already a class going through the registration process, please wait at the bottom of the steps.  Once they have entered the building, you can move closer to the entrance

3.       Social distancing spots will be clearly marked along the outside for parents and pupils to queue up

4.       At the start time for the class, a member of the ASoD team will arrive at reception to register and temperature check each pupil before they enter the building.  This includes all senior students.  Parents will NOT be allowed into the building and will not be able to accompany their children down to the community rooms

5.       Pupils will be asked to sanitise their hands on entry into the leisure centre and again before they go into either to community rooms or the dance studio

6.       Once in the class, pupils will be allocated a space to place their items

7.       At the end of each class, pupils will be asked to collect their items and sanitise their hands

8.       For the community rooms: a member of the ASoD team will then escort pupils out of the community rooms and take them around the back of the building, past the outside of the dance studio, to the main car park, where parents will be able to collect their children at the bottom of the steps

9.       For the sports hall: parents should line up against the wall outside the sports hall (the end of the queue will be towards the main entrance and down the main steps).  An appropriate social distance should be maintained at all times.  A member of the ASoD team will then open the fire door nearest to the main entrance where each parent will be asked to confirm their child’s name and pupils will be let out one at a time.  Once pupils have been collected, parents and pupils should walk away from the main entrance, down the slope and cross the road at the pedestrian crossing into the car park



In addition, the following will now applies:

1.       Payments for classes must be made either by bank transfer or online via the parent portal for Class Manager – cash or cheques will no longer be taken and payments on the day of the class will no longer be permitted

2.       Outstanding fees for the Spring Term (these will be added to your invoice where relevant) and all Autumn Term fees must be paid by 31st October 2020.  If payments are not received by then, pupils will no longer be able to attend classes

3.       The parent portal will be the main source of information, including class details and invoices

4.       No paperwork will be issued from September onwards.  All communications will be via email (with the website and Facebook page also being updated).  Please ensure your email address and mobile telephone number is up to date on the parent portal

5.       You must notify us if a pupil or anyone in their family starts showing COVID symptoms

6.       You must notify us if a pupil or a member of their household has a COVID test and whether the results are negative or positive

7.       If you return from a country where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises a 14-day quarantine from the date of return, we do not expect you back at classes until the full 14-day period has expired.  If we are made aware of an individual who has not complied with the guidance, they will be asked to leave the class

Please note that if you have decided that your child will not return to classes at the start of term, we are not currently in a position to be able to take on additional students for the remainder of the Autumn term  (including returning students taking on additional genres of dance).  This is due to the social distancing requirements and the reduction in pupils per class.  We will keep a track of a waitlist for any student who wishes to return during the term, and should the social distancing requirements change, we will contact those on the waitlist. 

Any changes implemented by the Welsh Government will be reviewed and implemented as and when things change.

We appreciate your patience and support whilst we all get used to the new measures in place, and if at any time you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with one of the team.

Stay well,

Miss Angela, Charlotte, and Mel