Beat Feet Academy of Dance

Terms and Conditions

Beat Feet Academy of Dance

Rules and Regulations


1)      Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated as disruption of classes will hinder other's learning.


2)      Every pupil is entitled to have their first 4 consecutive weeks at the Academy on a ‘pay as you go’ trial basis. After the first 4 weeks, fees will be required in advance for the half term ahead and missed classes are payable.


3)      Fees must be paid in full via bank transfer within the first week of the half term. During your trial period, classes must be paid for in advance of your lessons each week. Cash payments have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.


4)      Discounts applied on invoices are only available for fees paid by the deadline stated on the invoice. Late payments are not eligible for discounted rates.


5)      Payments not received by the deadline date stated on your invoice will result in a further £10.00 charge being added to the amount due.


6)      Invoices that remain unpaid 14 days after the deadline stated on the invoice will incur a further £10.00 late payment fee (£20.00 late payment fees in total).


7)      Your place in a class is reserved for you/your child without the need to book it each half term. 3 weeks written notice must be sent to [email protected] if you no longer want to attend a class. Fees must be paid in full to the end of your notice period.


8)      Once a pupil has completed their trial period at the Academy, they are required to wear the Beat Feet Academy of Dance uniform for all classes. This includes having hair styled in the correct manner.


9)      Uniform is to be purchased from Beat Feet Academy of Dance. Items can be fitted correctly and checked for size prior to you taking them away.


10)   Uniform must clearly have the pupil's name labelled inside so that the owner can be easily identified.


11)   Jewellery is not to be worn for classes as this is a health and safety hazard. (Small studs may be worn in pierced ears).


12)   Chewing gum is not allowed on the premises.


13)   Beat Feet Academy of Dance is not responsible for personal possessions that are damaged or lost whilst on the premises.


14)   Waiting areas must be left clean and tidy with chairs returned to their correct locations.


15)   All nappies must be taken away with you as the school do not have the facilities to dispose of them.


16)   Food and drink is not permitted in the carpeted areas of the building. This is a Murray Park School rule. Pupils are welcome to bring a drink (none fizzy) into the hall for their class.


17)   Staff are only responsible for pupils during their class and in the hall which their class is being delivered. Parents or guardians should be ready to collect their child at the end of their class.


18)   Trophies presented at the annual prize giving event remain property of Beat Feet Academy of Dance. They must be returned by the specified date prior to the next prize giving. If you have damaged or lost a trophy, you will be required to pay Beat Feet Academy of Dance for a replacement.


19)   In extreme circumstances (e.g. weather, lockdown, staff required to isolate etc) if a class has to be cancelled, the lesson will be rearranged for another time either face to face or via the online Academy (using Zoom). Refunds will not be issued.


20)   Rude or aggressive behaviour towards members of staff will not be tolerated. If your behaviour is deemed to be inappropriate, you will be asked to leave the Academy and no refund for paid fees will be issued.


21)   Students must not attend another dance school whilst a student at Beat Feet Academy of Dance.


22)    Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 must test negative before attending the Academy. If you are asymptomatic (have no symptoms) but have tested positive for COVID-19, you must not come to the Academy. Please notify the Principal of a positive test result in case test and trace is required for people recently in contact with that person. 


COVID-19 symptoms include but are not limited to:

·         High temperature

·         New & continuous cough

·         Loss or change to your sense of taste or smell

·         Diarrhoea

·         Blocked/runny nose

·         Aching muscles

·         Long-lasting headache

·         Vomiting

·         Sore throat

·         Feeling tired and unwell



It is the Guardian’s responsibility to follow the latest Government and NHS guidelines with regards to COVID-19 symptoms. Missed classes will not be refunded but we will seek to find an alternative option where possible.


23)   The Principal’s decision is final.


Failure to adhere to these rules & regulations may result in losing your place at the Academy.

Beat Feet Academy of Dance

Child Protection Policy 2020


We believe that no child or young person should be the subject of neglectful or abusive behaviour. We will promote and maintain the welfare of every child in our care and seek to protect them from harm regardless of race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or any other form of identity or creed. We will create a safe and welcoming environment for all.


This policy applies to all our staff/volunteers/chaperones and covers children under the age of 18 and/or vulnerable adults under the age of 24. To protect children and young people in our care, we will:

• Value and respect children and listen to what they have to say

• Work with children, parents and relevant organisations

• Share our policy with all staff, parents and students

• Ensure all required checks are made when hiring staff and that those in regular contact with children hold a current DBS check (or non-UK equivalent)

• Provide appropriate training and support to all staff

• Take responsibility for children and young people’s safety when in our care

• Seek permission from parents before taking images (photographs or film) of students and inform them how and where the images will be used

• Report suspected neglect or abuse to the nominated member of staff, relevant organisation, or police (for UK members an appropriate relevant organisation will be their local council’s Safeguarding Team)

• Ensure that this policy is regularly updated



Additional guidance can be found in the following documents at the end of this policy:

• Reporting Suspected Neglect or Abuse

• Appropriate Physical Contact in Dance

• Use of Photographs and Film of Children Policy


This policy was last reviewed on 30/09/20

Name: Julie Latham

Job Title: Principal

Signature: J. Latham





Additional Guidance A: Reporting Suspected Neglect or Abuse

Concerns regarding a child’s welfare can be reported by:

• Parents

• Teachers

• Friends

• The child or young person

All allegations of neglect or abuse will be taken seriously. If a concern is reported directly by the child or young person we will not seek to disagree, ask probing or leading questions, or do anything else which may discourage them.

We will make it clear that reported concerns cannot be kept confidential but will need to be shared with a nominated member of staff or external organisation. Parents or guardians will also be involved if appropriate.

 We recognise that early action is vital. Any concerns will be reported immediately. If the child or young person is in immediate danger of harm, we will contact the police on 999. In all other cases, we will report concerns to the local Protection Team on 01332 641172.


Additional Guidance B: Appropriate Physical Contact in Dance

Teaching dance is a physical activity and a teacher will sometimes need to make physical contact with a student to show an idea or to correct the student’s position. This can include:

• Lifting

• Adjusting arms, legs, rib cage, hips, feet, hands

• Moving one student in relation to another

Where contact is needed, we will remain sensitive to the student’s wishes and put their welfare first. In all cases, we will say why and how we will be correcting the student’s position before making any contact. We encourage students to report any concerns.




Additional Guidance C: Use of Photographs and Film of Children

We recognise that taking images of students in our care may not always be appropriate and that some children and parents may not want images taken at any time. Therefore, before taking images of a child or young person, we will:

• Make clear to the child and parent where and when the image will be taken (including during classes, during performances or at an Academy photo shoot).

• Clearly identify the person who will be taking the image

• Explain how the image will be used, e.g. for social media or printed on flyers

• Seek written agreement from parents that images can be taken of their child. (This is part of the registration form at the Academy).

Where we have publicly displayed images at our school or on social media, parents and students may withdraw their permission at any time. In such cases, the images will be removed as soon as is reasonable and without question. We ask that any parent wanting to take photographs or film at our events only do so with our prior permission. Permission will only be granted on the agreement of all present.