Ck Dance Academy

Privacy Policy

 CK Dance Academy is committed to protecting your privacy and security.

When you start classes at our school we will collect your basic information: Name, Age, Address, Medical Conditions etc. 

This information will be used to ensure the safety of you and your child. It will be stored on our designated computer & admin system. We will not share your information with anyone other than this. 

If you have not attended dance for six consecutive weeks your information will be disposed of correctly and efficiently. We will never keep your personal details.

Information sharing.

CK Dance Academy may occasionally have to share basic information. This is for licence and registration reasons when attending shows/events, and also on our designated admin system. 

An example of this is: If our school are attending a dance competition. The competition needs to know the basic details of the child (such as Name, D.O.B etc) to ensure their safety.