Clandon School of Dance

Terms and Conditions



  1. On registering with the school a 4-week trial period can be undertaken. This consists of 1 ‘free taster’ in any subject and 3-weeks charged at the current rate per session per subject plus £5.00 registration fee. 
  2. After the trial period is completed, if classes are to be continued, the remainder of the terms fees with a refundable deposit of 5 weeks fees (of 1 subject) will be due. 
  3. Fees will only be pro rata when a student starts after a term has begun.
  4. The deposit is refunded when leaving the school, provided half a term’s notice (5 teaching weeks) is given in writing (holiday periods do not apply)
  5. Students who are permanently enrolled are automatically re-enrolled each term unless formal written notice of withdrawal or change of class has been made. 
  6. Fees are payable in full before the first lesson of term 
  7. When a student takes class at the beginning of term, but chooses not to complete the term, fees for the full term are payable otherwise the deposit will not be refunded. Notice of withdrawal can be given any time up to ½ term of the term of departure. 
  8. Fees must be paid by bank transfer. 
  9. Payment plans to spread the term fees across a term can be arranged before the start of any term. A missed instalment payment will result in the payment plan being void and the full terms fee being due.
  10. Clandon School of dance reserves the right to amend or alter fees and classes as and when necessary, without notice. 
  11. On any occasion when the venue or time of a class has to be changed, an alternative will be arranged. No refunds will be given. If classes have to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions or any other unforeseeable circumstance such as teacher illness, refunds will not be made. 
  12. If your child is currently attending another dance school, and intends continuing with school, then they should be advised of your intention to take classes at Clandon School of Dance. 
  13. Pupils from Clandon School of Dance should notify the Principal before taking part in classes elsewhere or in external dance performances. 


Invoices for timetabled class fees are issued on a termly basis before the beginning of each new term. All other fees are invoiced on an ad hoc basis. These include examinations entry and coaching fees, festival entry fees and rehearsals, LAMDA coaching, show production costs and uniform. 


  1. Invoices when remain unpaid after 28 days (4 weeks) from the date of the invoice are subject to a 10% surcharge. 
  2. Thereafter, if an invoice remains outstanding we reserve the right to charge interest from 35 days (5th week) of the date of the invoice at 3% over the base rate of Metro Bank plc (as varied from time to time). 


Refunds will not be given for the occasional class missed. In the case of prolonged injury or illness, refunds may be given at the discretion of the principal. 


Parents or guardians are not permitted to watch classes except on specified days, unless prior arrangement has been made. Parents of children new to the school are welcome to watch the ‘taster’ session(s). 


Teachers are happy to discuss the progress of a student at any time and to advise on any aspect of a students dance training or future career choices within the theatre industry. 


Students are entered for examinations at the teachers discretion. We reserve the right to withdraw a candidate if the examination fee is not paid by the closing date or if a number of coaching lessons are missed. 


  1. After the initial trial period Clandon School of Dance uniform is to be worn at all times. All items (except Pointe shoes) are available through the school. 
  2. Hair is to be neat and tidy, in a style appropriate for the subject being attended. Ballet students in Grade 1 and above should have their hair in a bun where possible. 
  3. No jewellery or watches should be worn. 


Mobile phones and any other electronic devices belonging to the student must be turned off and kept out of sight if brought into the studio. 


Clandon School of Dance, and the venues being hired, will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings. All belongings and uniform should be named. 


Every effort will be made to ensure the safety and well-being of students while in our care during classes and performances. Copies of our Health & Safety Policy, Risk Assessment and Child Protection Policy are held by the teachers and are available to parents on request. 

We cannot be held responsible for students once outside the studios. We would ask for your co-operation with the following:

  1. Parents /guardians should ensure the teacher is present in the hall when dropping children off. 
  2. Pupils should wait inside the hall (not lobby) if their parent/guardian is late to pick up.
  3. Parents should inform the teacher if another adult will be taking their child home. The teacher should also be informed if a pupil is making their own way to and from hall. 
  4. Pupils under 12 are not to use the West Clandon recreation ground facilities unless there is adult supervision. 


Physical contact appropriate to the teaching of dance may be necessary by the teachers. If you have concerns about this, please contact the Principal. 


A first aid is available at the hall and at any venue being used for classes, performances and examinations. Very occasionally a minor injury occurs which requires simple medical aid, such as the use of a plaster or application of a cool pack. 

Parents are required to give their permission for the administration of immediate and/or necessary first aid treatment when completing the registration and consent forms. 

If you DO NOT agree to your child receiving attention for a minor injury or if they have a condition or allergy which means you do not give you consent, please inform us in writing. 


Photographs and videos may be taken during classes, in preparations for show and events or for publicity purposes. No names would be used. These may be taken by the teachers, other parents, or by an appointed photographer / cameraman. 

If you DO NOT wish your child to be photographed or filmed, please inform us in writing. 


  1. All staff are qualified, insured and have enhanced DBS. 
  2. Should a teacher give their personal phone number or email for any reason, if should only be used to inform of absences or to leave messages. 
  3. Messages can be left 9am - 9pm, Monday -Saturday ONLY and teachers will respond as soon as they are able. 


  1. A students attendance at class is deemed to be acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions of Enrolment. 
  2. The school is to be notified of any illness or injury which may affect a students participation in class. 
  3. The school is to be notified of any new medical condition or any change to personal circumstances which may affect attendance or in the students participation in class. 
  4. The school is to be notified of any changes to the contact details for the student or parents / guardian. 
  5. It is the parents/guardian responsibility to read any communication sent by email or post in order to be fully aware of all upcoming events, changes to class times etc. 
  6. Where Clandon School of Dance hire venues from third parties, parents, guardians and students must abide by the codes of conduct of those third parties. 


  1. Students are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes every week during term time. The school should be informed should a student be absent for any reason. 
  2. Students are expected to behave in a polite and respectful manner to teachers and other students.
  3. Students should make every effort to be punctual to all classes, dressed and ready to start their lesson on time. 
  4. Students are required to attend pre-arranged coaching sessions for exams and rehearsals for Performers or shows.  Failure to do so may result in withdrawal from an exam, Performers group or show number, as applicable. 


The school reserves the right to ask for a student be removed from the school for any of the following reasons:

  1. Should they not respond to training 
  2. Poor attendance 
  3. Should they behave in a way that disrupts the learning and enjoyment of others
  4. For any breach of the T&Cs of enrolment.


  1. All enquires or complaints should be addressed in the first instance to the Principal through the schools email: [email protected] or by phone on 07825 510356
  2. Queries on a students progress or any other similar matter will be dealt with by email or phone if unable to discuss with a teacher personally before or after class. 
  3. The basis of any complaint will be considered in conjunction with a discussion with the appropriate teacher. 
    1. Resolution of the complaint will be considered after a phone call to the parent in order to clarify both parties views and a follow-up letter will be sent to confirm any decisions made. 
    2. If the result of the discussion is that the student will no longer take classes at Clandon School of Dance, then the deposit will not be refunded.