Dance Alley Performing Arts

Terms and Conditions

Registration and Enrolment:

DAPA do not charge a registration fee. It is a requirement of DAPA that each student has completed their enrolment and paid for the term before attending any dance classes. Only students who have paid their fees will be allowed to participate in the dance classes. DAPA reserves the right to ask students to leave the dance class if their fees are not paid.

Term Fees:

Fees for lessons are charged per term. It is compulsory for term fees to be paid prior to the commencement of classes. I understand that once enrolled, I am responsible for and agree to pay all fees for my child. Non- payment of fees will result in exclusion of my child from lessons. I understand that class teachers are not in a position to discuss fees and all enquiries relating to fees need to be directed to Ali (Principal) via email [email protected].

Medical Consent:

Any dance class can involve the risk of personal injury. I understand that while DAPA takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst students are at or near the dance studio. Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring that their child (the student) is physically and medically fit for the class.

Photography, Video/DVD, Promotion & Website Release:

I understand when enrolling at DAPA that upon occasion DAPA may organise an individual or group to make official recordings of our events, such as but not limited to our End of Year Concerts, Rehearsal Day, Team Events and in regular classes. I understand that Video/DVD recordings are available to parents and may be displayed on our website and used on social media.

Emergency Procedures:

In the event of a medical emergency, if parents/guardians are not able to be contacted, I understand the teacher reserves the right to call for an ambulance if deemed necessary. Any costs associated with this will be at the expense of the parents/guardians of that student. Concerts: I understand that DAPA holds an End of Year Concert at the end of Term 4 and that it is compulsory for my child to participate in these events, unless otherwise discussed on enrolment.

End of Year Concert Costumes:

All performance classes will require a costume for our End of Year Concert. Costumes vary in price depending on the age group. A Concert Bundle Fee will also be charged which covers Rehearsal Day Fee, and a link to view the Concert which can be shared with family and friends. Costume invoices will be emailed to all students in Term 3. Costumes and Fees will need to be paid in full for any student to participate in our End of Year Concert. Please note that no refunds are able to be given on costumes as they are ordered and paid for well in advance.

Missed Lessons:

If a student misses a class due to illness or holidays, classes will still have to be paid for, as each student has an allocated place in the class. DAPA can offer make-up classes, only where available.

Public Holidays:

DAPA does not run classes on public holidays and does not charge for lessons which fall on public holidays. For students enrolled in lessons which fall on public holidays, term fees will already have been adjusted accordingly.

Cancellation of Enrolment:

If for some reason my child cannot continue dancing, their enrolment can be cancelled. To cancel your enrolment, you must email the Principal. [email protected]

Cancellation of Classes:

Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, DAPA may need to cancel a regularly scheduled class. Notice will be given as far in advance as possible, however in rare circumstances lessons can be cancelled at short notice (for example, the morning of your lesson). Cancellation notifications are sent via email and SMS as this is the most efficient and effective way. In the event of a cancellation, a make-up class will be offered where possible. If a make-up class cannot be arranged, a credit will be placed on the student’s account which will be carried forward to the new term. Please note that it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that the mobile number on file is kept up to date at all times. Classes are subject to change based on enrolment and customer demand and no classes are guaranteed. Should the class a child is enrolled in be cancelled, a place in an alternative class will be offered. Should another suitable class not be available, thestudent’s account will be reconciled and any credit will be refunded at the date of cancellation.


DAPA does not offer refunds for term fees once they are paid. Exclusions apply for serious illness or injury. There are no refunds given for costumes.


DAPA reserves the right to revise, amend or modify the DAPA Terms and Conditions at any time.