Dance Reality Studios

Terms and Conditions


We offer a 2 week trial lesson at the trial fee detailed to ensure that both the pupil and teacher are happy with the class. Pupils are not fully enrolled into a class until payment of the initial pro-rata invoice is received.

CLASS SCHEDULES There are no classes on half-term holidays, bank holiday Mondays, Easter, Christmas, Main Annual show day or during the summer holidays. Full term dates will be issued on invoices. Personal holiday or absences taken during term time are non-refundable.

The School reserves the right to substitute teachers, cancel a class, or change class time/day when and if the need arises. If we cancel a regular published class date due to fault of our own we will attempt to offer an alternative class day, time or date to substitute this cancelled class, this is known as a ‘make-up class’. If you are unable to attend a ‘make-up class’ a refund will not be applicable. Please note If circumstances that are out of our control (such as a cancelling due to bad weather or an Act of God) no refund or make-up class will take effect. Please check our website, facebook page, your email for updates if adverse weather or similar local events are likely to prevent classes taking place.

FEES Invoices are produced each term and distributed to you via email. All payments are due by the payment date detailed on the invoice. Your place should you be in a class that is full may be offered to another student if fees are not paid by the date detailed. Fees are reviewed on an annual basis and are non-refundable.



All dance classes have a dress code. This uniform is to be worn during all lessons. Uniform list is available on our website. Long hair should be tied back for neatness and safety to the dancer and others. No jewellery or nail varnish in class, exams or performances. No Mobile phones unless switched off are to be taken into the studio.

WATCHING WEEK Watching week is held three times a year just before the major Christmas, Easter and summer breaks. These classes will take place during the last week of term and are an opportunity for family and friends to see how their child is progressing.

CODE OF CONDUCT Parents should beware that due to the nature of dance it may be necessary for the teacher to use physical contact when training dancers. Adult dancers and parents/carers of young dancers must inform the teacher of any injuries. Once a child is settled in class, parents are to wait outside the studio. Parents/carers are held responsible for the behavior of ALL children under 16 years whilst using our venues. This includes siblings of those attending classes. Teachers cannot be held responsible for children outside of the class or in the event of the child leaving the room. We assume parents will be in attendance at all times. In line with other education establishments, mobile phones must be switched off before entering the dance studio. Mobile phones are considered to be distracting to the class and hazardous to a pupil's safety. Please show respect to other users by keeping the venue and toilets tidy, as you would like to find them. The School reserves the right to cancel this agreement with the customer without refund if any behaviour in their party comes into disrepute. The School is not responsible for the safety of personal and valuable belongs if they are left behind. Classes are carried out at the students own risk and Dance Reality will not be liable for any injury or accident whilst in classes or on the property.

PHOTOGRAPHY/FILMING OF PUPILS During our weekly classes we DO NOT permit photography or filming of our pupils by parents or others. The exception to this is during Parents Watching Week which takes place in the last week before the Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks. We ask parents to respect the privacy of the other members of the class by restricting the use of any images taken for their own family use. In instances where we feel it would be appropriate for photography to take place ie, at a performance or for publicity purposes we will seek parental consent.

EXAMS These are optional and are available for those who want to take part. Exams can be taken with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA), I-PATH and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD). Teachers will keep you informed of the next examination dates.

SHOWS Our students can take part in our various performances that run throughout the year depending on age. There may be a costume and commitment fee for some shows.

COMMUNICATION Email is the preferred form of sending you invoices and keeping you up to date with events. Please keep us informed of any changes to your details.

The School reserves the right to amend or alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

DATA PROTECTION AND GDPR Dance Reality Studios is registered with ICO What Data Does Dance Reality Hold? The personal data we collect are as follows: Name Date of Birth Contact details Address Telephone Number Mobile Telephone Number Email address Name and contact details of parents/carers for children Medical conditions or allergies Videos and images Where Did the Information Come From? Parents Student Registration forms completed by parents Entry Forms for events, exams etc – completed by parents Who Is the Information Shared with? Other teachers on occasion Identification Record of Attendance  Examining Bodies  Competition and Event Orgainisers  Correspondence Health and Safety Emergency response Publicity and Media (in connection to Dance Reality) Dance Reality never share details with outside organizations except those where we are entering children for exams or events. Details are strictly used for Dance Reality purposes How Is the Information Stored? All the information is stored via excel spreadsheet which is password protected E mails Online forms sites 123forms and Zoho How is the Information Maintained? The information that is kept is reviewed regularly and updated regularly. Parents will inform us of changes to details when required. When are Personal Details Erased? Once a student is no longer registered to take classes at Dance Reality that Childs details are removed from our database and no further correspondence is sent. Safety and Security All information is held electronically on a password protected laptop and any paper copies are held in a lockable filing cabine