Dance Studio 201

Terms and Conditions

 Attendance is very import each week because each lesson will build off the previous week. Starting in January it is even more essential to be present because we will begin preparing for the spring recital. If a student misses a class, tuition is still paid in full for the month. If a student misses two weeks in a row, it is strongly advised for that student to get with another student outside of class and catch up on choreography. If a student will be absent please call or email the studio to notify the teacher.

Dress Code It is important in every class for both the teacher and student to see the student’s body and legs. Therefore, baggy clothing is not an option for a dance class. Any color Leotard and DANCE tights are to be worn for any class. In addition to the leotard and tights dancers may wear dance capris, dance shorts, leggings/yoga pants and ballet skirts. We require dance clothing to be worn in every class. School clothes are not acceptable. Dancers must always keep their hair pulled back for class.

3 & 4 year olds: Pink Ballet Slippers
5 & 6 year olds: Pink Ballet Slippers and Black Slide Buckle Tap Shoes
Ballet 1-4: Pink Split Sole Ballet Slippers
Jazz and Pom: Black Jazz Lace Up
Tap: Black Slide Buckle Tap Shoe
Hip Hop: Black Converse style sneakers
Boys: Fitted Tshirt and black fitted pants. Black ballet slippers, Black tie taps, and Black Jazz Lace

Class Etiquette Dance class is like any other structured learning environment. We expect all students to behave with a level of self-control and respect that is appropriate for their age. Students are expected to arrive on time, be properly attired and ready to learn. Students will be verbally corrected when necessary and will only be asked to leave class if they use vulgar language, refuse to cooperate with the teacher , or become physically or verbally abusive to the teacher or other students. Only students enrolled and paying for a class can participate in a class. Please do not let siblings, friends, etc. go in the dance room unless it is their scheduled class. No one has permission to run the music or assist in a class unless Studio 201 has hired them to do so. Extra people in the dance classroom is distracting and takes class time and teacher attention away from those students who are paying for the class. No electronic devices are allowed in the dance room during class time.

Studio Rules Please no food, drink, gum or candy inside the dance area. No street shoes of any kind are allowed on the dance floors in an effort to keep it clean and safe for our dancers. All dancers regardless of age must wait inside the studio for their ride home. This policy applies to all dancers. This is for everyone’s safety since we are on a very busy street. Profanity and vulgarity are not tolerated on the studio property. This includes the dance area, waiting room, and parking lots. Please also be advised that the front waiting room is just that -- a waiting room. This is a shared space for all dancers, so please be respectful of your property and others’. Dancers are allowed water or sports drink in waiting room but drink must have a lid. Also be advised that the studio gets very busy during the week. There are many cars entering and leaving the parking lot; therefore the parking lot is not a safe place for children of any age to play. We love our dancers and their families and want to keep everyone safe. This is a smoke free facility, parking lot included. Students are responsible for their personal property. Studio 201 is not responsible for any stolen or damaged personal property. We suggest only bringing the dance gear you will need for the class and keep it in a dance bag when not in use.

Class Observation Policy We want you to be involved in your child’s dance education as much as possible, and we want you to feel you are getting a good value for your money. In order to accomplish this, we have a closed-door policy for all classes. We will have a parent watch week and during this observation time, you are more than welcome to take pictures and video as long as it does not disturb class. At any time that observation disrupts the class, the teacher has the right to end observation at that time.

Tuition is due on the first lesson of each month. There is a grace period on all accounts until the 15th of each month. Payments may be mailed, dropped off in person during class hours or paid online. The 16th there is a $10 late fee charge added to the account. We must have your payment by the 15th to avoid the late fee. A check dated for the 15th but received on the 18th is considered late. If your account gets more than two months behind in tuition, the child will not be allowed to take any more classes until the bill is paid.

Returned Check Fee All returned checks are subject to a $35 returned check fee. A returned check along with the returned check fee must be paid in cash or with a money order. Fees