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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

                                          Welcome to Dance On - Studio

Welcome to Dance On - Studio.  Please read the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy & Online Video & Outdoor Classes Disclaimer Online Video Disclaimer all found at the end of the registration portal and consents under "Additional Information". Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Evelyn [email protected] to ask any queries.

Terms & Conditions

1) Payment Terms

 • If any calculations or classes on your dance fees invoice are incorrect then please contact Mrs Evelyn asap to correct. Contact by email or text or you can always give the teacher a handwritten note to pass on to Mrs Evelyn (paper at the back of the Information Folder by the Notice board). The quicker you let me know the quicker it can be corrected for you.

• Fees are calculated based on the number of classes per month, e.g. 4 Tuesdays in February as there is 4 weeks etc.  If you start part way through a month the number of classes will be adjusted accordingly.

• Fees are payable within 5 days of the invoice being issued (Invoices are usually issued on 20th of the previous month for payment by the 25th of the previous month, for every class that falls within the following month).  Invoice issue dates are usually listed on the “Dates for the Diary”.   If you miss the class due to sickness/party, then it is your responsibility to organise payment by the payment date (usually 25th).

• Should any classes be cancelled by Dance On - Studio, during a month, refunds will be included within the following month’s invoice.

• Fees are payable in advance for the month and are non-refundable. 

• If a child does not join in (under 6yrs old only) dance class then Mrs Evelyn may make an exception to the non-refundable rule and refund your class fees, please contact her to discuss.

• If fees are not paid in advance, then parents risk their child being asked to sit out of the class until they are paid. 

• If the above fees are not paid by the end of the previous month then a late payment/admin charge of £5.00 per student may be applied. 

• Notification of a student leaving a class needs to be made directly by the parent to Mrs Evelyn prior to 10th of the previous month in order for fees not to be payable. Mrs Evelyn does not accept rumours from other students or parents and requires confirmation that a student has swapped classes by the Parent/Guardian/Bill Payer.

• Holidays/Sickness: Students are requested to take holiday during the 6week summer holidays or 2/3weeks at Christmas as classes usually continue throughout the rest of the year. Unfortunately, if a child misses a class due to sickness I am unable to refund as the class is still available, the room hire paid in advance and the place still reserved for the child. Please text Mrs Evelyn if your child misses’ class so that your place remains reserved. Older students who are unwell but not contagious are asked to attend class with pen & paper in order to still keep up with their dances, especially prior to Dance Exams. For those that have a dance injury or are studying GCSE’s Mrs Evelyn will consider whether she is able to offer any refund for missed classes. 

• Please keep your receipts for at least 6 months, in case of any confusion on fees, thank you. Prices are increased annually in September. 

• If you have difficulties in paying then please speak to Mrs Evelyn to see if a temporary payment arrangement can be made, this way your child can continue to attend their regular classes. 

·       Please also ensure you read the “Monthly News” emailed and on the noticeboard, as this often includes information that affects classes due to forthcoming events.

·       Often “extra” fees such as school trips, exam fees, costume fees etc are added on to invoices and detailed in the “Monthly News” these are also non-refundable once paid but can be deducted at the payment stage if students are unsure/unable to participate. 

It is appreciated if parents could follow the steps above, as this will reduce the amount of time spent collecting fees. This assists the finances of the school and keeping class sizes small (usually max 10-15) so that we give each child the attention they deserve. 

Your prompt payment is appreciated, thank you. 

2) Medical Consent

I do here by give permission to Mrs Evelyn Fell, Principal and Assistant Teachers, to act in my absence, should the need arise to administer authority to the appropriate person/s to give treatment to my child/the student in the event of an accident/illness. I fully understand the above to mean, that treatment shall be initiated in my absence at any Class or Event attended by my child/the student in the care of Mrs Evelyn Fell/Teachers/Administrators of Dance On – Studio. I understand that I will be informed as soon as possible of any/all of the details relating to the accident/illness. 

I will also complete the "Medical Info" section online to inform Dance On - Studio of the students any allergies/disabilities/illnesses/health conditions that the student may hold.   The student will bring the necessary medication to put on the Teacher’s Table to every class e.g. Inhaler. 

3) Multi/Social Media Consent

Completion of this registration includes parental consent for Dance On – Studio to photograph and film the student/child dancing or attending Dance On – Studio events. Photographs will be put on facebook,, promotional material, the Dance On – Studio website and various social-media sites but the students will not be named, instead the photo will be labelled with the name and grade of the class. Exception to this may be where a Newspaper, e.g. Evening Gazette has asked to name pupils but parents will be asked at this point. 

Classes, rehearsals, dance displays, shows etc are often filmed and used as a Teaching Aid for the students and teacher training. Photos/DVD’s are also sold to raise funds for Costumes for the school e.g. DVD of the Annual Dance Show at ARC, but these will not knowingly be sold to anyone whose not a student/parent of the school. Filming and photography by parents during classes/shows/events is not permitted in adherence to child safeguarding, and should certainly not be posted on facebook/social-media sites until Mrs Evelyn Fell, Principal’s consent is given for the Choreography along with the consent of the appropriate parents.

4) Contact

Contact For the smooth running of a successful Dance School it is essential that I am able to contact parents effectively and easily. Please ensure that you complete the home, mobile numbers & email address on this student and customer section upon registration.   In a busy world it is essential for me to communicate with parents both in an emergency and on a regular basis. Text is usually used when an immediate response is required and email for information on forthcoming events etc. Please also like our Facebook page and follow it to see up to date news.  Messenger groups for grades are also regularly used.  Additional information is also sent via group emails where you’re email address can be seen. Please always text/message me if your child is unable to attend dance class, as a) it keeps your place b) as a matter of courtesy, sometimes we can change our Class Plan to better suit the number of students attending that day. If older children are unwell (but not contagious) please bring them to watch class. If older students contact me via text, twitter, face book social media sites, I will of course return their communication in a professional (but fun!) way and I will let the parent know the first time they contact me to ensure they are aware. 

5) Health & Safety Rules

The full health and safety procedure is posted on our website and this includes rules for students to enable a smooth running of our classes and for us to have fun and learn in a safe and professional environment. Students are also expected to wear our full dance school uniform available from

6) Physical Contact 

Please be aware that you are signing your child/as a student up to a Dance school and physical contact between the child/student and the teacher will happen. For example, teachers will hold Toddler’s hands where as Acro students will be held at their hips/pelvis to assist them to learn gymnastic steps. All teachers are fully trained and all physical contact will be of a professional nature, to assist and encourage children, in most instances teachers will let parents know what physical contact has taken place during class at the end. All policies are available at every class in the Welcome/Information folder including Child Protection Policy & Code of Practice etc. However, in addition, we operate a common sense approach, if a child e.g. 4 yr old is upset in class we will hug them or carry them to reassure them until the end of class and/or mum/appropriate adult is available.

7) Conflict of Interest

As mentioned, you are signing your child/as a student up to a Dance School therefore you need to be careful there is not a conflict of interest, such as your child also attending another Dance School.  If your child already attends another Dance School (prior to enrolling) then please contact Mrs Evelyn as we will need to liaise with your current dance school.  If you join another activity such as after school dance club, gymnastics, ice-skating please let Mrs Evelyn know asap to ensure there is no conflict of interest. This is especially important when students attend dance competitions but it is also important for Mrs Evelyn/Teachers to know which activities students participate in, to ensure correct use and development of muscles, strength & flexibility within classes. 


When you tick the "Terms and Conditions" checkbox you are agreeing to all of the above.  If you don't agree with all points please contact Mrs Evelyn on 07980 905411 to discuss, thank you.

Mrs Evelyn 


Dance On - Studio