Danson Children & Family Centre

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions before submitting a registration form. These apply to all those who attend classes.
All Centre users must read and abide by our Safe Operating Procedures

Payment - Danson Youth Trust operates a 'No Refund Policy'. The Centre is unable to make refunds for absence due to medical conditions, injury, changes to other commitments or other reasons for not being able to attend the course as a part or a whole. Exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration. If classes are suspended due to government guidance, we reserve the right to run sessions virtually. Credit will not be offered if virtual sessions are available. Credit is offered only if we cannot offer an alternative session and is at the Centre’s discretion. Payment by accepted methods only as indicated on invoices. If you are unable to make full payment an instalment plan may be made at the Centre’s discretion and only by prior arrangement. 

Danson Youth Trust will try to support access for families who are deemed “vulnerable”. Arrangements for this at the full discretion of the Trust and agreed on an individual basis with families.

Behaviour – All visitors including children and young people must have mutual respect for others and their supervising staff at all times. Danson Youth Trust will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse or bad behaviour from children, young people or parents. Repeated unacceptable behaviour will result in individuals being formally asked to leave, without the right to refund or credit. Any aggression or abuse directed towards other customers will not be tolerated. Any aggression or abuse directed towards our staff will not be tolerated. Aggressive or abusive behaviour includes language (whether verbal or written) that may cause staff to feel threatened, abused or afraid.  This may include threats, personal verbal abuse, derogatory remarks and rudeness. We also consider inflammatory statements, remarks of a racial or discriminatory nature and unsubstantiated allegations, to be abusive behaviour.

Safeguarding- Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults is everyone’s responsibility.  If we have safeguarding concerns, we will try to raise this with parents / guardians wherever possible. Danson will refer families onto local authority services if necessary, as a duty of care.

Mobile Phones- Must be turned off or turned onto silent if brought into the session. We ask that children and young people do not bring mobiles unless necessary.

Jewellery- for safety reasons no jewellery should be worn if involved in physical activity.

Food & Drink- Breastfeeding and bottle feeding is welcome throughout the centre.  If you require a private space to feed, we will endeavour to provide this if available.  Other food and drink should not be consumed in your activities with the exception of our Communi-tea café or special event where refreshments are included / sold.

Punctuality & Attendance- Arrival should be 5-10 minutes before class is due to start. Please try to inform the centre if they are unable to make a lesson. At the end of term you will be offered a renewal. This renewal must be processed within the timeframes specified to secure your future class.  If you do not renew within this time your space will be automatically offered to others on waiting lists.

Clothing- Everyone should arrive in the appropriate clothing. For all sports activities long hair should be tied back off the face.

Toilet Breaks- Please make sure your child uses the toilet before class in order to minimise disruption during lessons. Nappy changing areas are provided close to most activity areas. Please ensure you clean the area down before and after use.

Lost Property- Danson Youth Trust cannot undertake any responsibility for the loss of any money or belongings left during class or left on the premises.

Video & Photography- Photographs and/or videos are not permitted anywhere on site. Danson will advice visitors of any photos or videos we may take for promotional purposes.

Facilities- Everyone is asked to respect the site and facilities that we use at all times. Parents/Guardians are responsible for any damage caused by their child/ren to any facilities or equipment.

Children at any under 5’s programmed activity are the full responsibility of the parent/guardian they are with.  

Danson Youth Trust cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained as a result of taking part in any of the activities operated by us, or responsible for any injury, howsoever caused, as a result of being on the premises or where the activities are taking place.

On completing the registration form and enrolling your child/ren as a member of the centre, you agree and fully understand and accept these terms and conditions.

Please ensure any changes in personal information are updated via the parent portal.


Code of Conduct


·       Be kind and polite to everyone in our centre and other venues.

·       Be friendly and welcoming to all visitors.

·       Always tell a member of staff if somebody is not behaving and following the rules.

·       Recognise and celebrate good performance and success of your children and fellow members during activities.

·       Treat your supervising staff and fellow pupils with respect.

·       Tell staff if you are finding something difficult or need some support.

·       Try to arrive to class in good time so you can use the toilet facilities if needed and children are more settled and ready to learn.

·       Ensure you have the correct clothing and equipment with you.

·       Listen to instructions given by our centre and activity staff.

·       Enjoy your classes and be proud of your efforts and achievements.


Parent/Guardians Code of Conduct

Parents are expected to:

·       Encourage your child to learn and follow the rules.

·       Help your child to recognise good performance and effort, not just results.

·       Set a good example by encouraging fair play and recognising the good performance of all members within the Centre.

·       Support your child’s involvement and help them to enjoy their activity(s).

·       Encourage your child to respect his/her instructors and lead by example.

·       Raise any queries or concerns in a polite, constructive and non-confrontational manner.

·       Behave responsibly as a visitor and treat everyone with due respect.


The Danson Centre will:

·       Ensure good child safeguarding guidelines are followed at all times. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep all children safe.

·       Ensure all activities are properly supervised/taught/coached.

·       Offer as much support to families and children as we are able too.


Zero Tolerance of Unacceptable Behaviour

Danson Youth Trust are committed to ensuring that everyone using the Centre is able to be in a safe and polite environment. We will not tolerate any demeaning, derogatory, abusive, aggressive, threatening or intimidating behaviour towards our staff, children, young people and parents. We deem this sort of behaviour totally unacceptable and anybody that behaves in this way will be asked to stop the behaviour immediately and leave the premises. Our policy is one of zero tolerance and a single act of unacceptable behaviour will trigger sanctions which include but are not restricted to:

·       Issue of a verbal warning

·       Requested to leave the premises (together with dependents if relevant)

·       Requested to not attend any future lessons, events or other activities offered by Danson Youth Trust

·       Reporting of incidents to the Police and other authorities as appropriate. 

    Danson Youth Trust consider all persons to be strictly liable for their actions and will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour under any circumstances.