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Terms and Conditions

Participation Agreement 

DMT School holds copies of its Child Protection Policy, Data Protection Policy, Confidentiality Policy, Complaints Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Physical Correction Policy, Social Media Policy, Data Privacy Notice and Code of Conduct at all venues. They are available for the public to read upon request. By signing this form, you are agreeing with the above policies with full acceptance.

DMT School would like to state that any participation a student may have in our school, automatically enrols the individual in physical activity that naturally inherits risks of injury. Our teachers and staff will minimise any risk of injury where possible.

Payment Agreement

Classes range from £6.00 - £18.00. You will be invoiced automatically upon registration, and will include your free trial where required.

Invoices will be generated in advance with upfront payment required. It is therefore understood that you will have paid for classes before the start of that month's tuition. Invoices will be sent to your registered email address in advance and payments are to be made via bank transfer as per invoice terms. Payment due dates are set for the 27th of each month.

All invoices are due for payment even if your child is unable to attend. DMT School is unable to admit children into any class or reserve a place without payment. 

Medical: The student and parent/guardian are required to ensure the participant is physically fit and healthy to take part in our classes and performances, especially after illness/sickness or injury. It is down to both student and parent/guardian to make any previous injuries, medical treatments and current allergies known to a member of DMT staff.

Behaviour & Learning: DMT School supports student development and would like to know of any physical, behavioural or learning difficulties an individual may have. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to disclose relevant information to a member of our staff to discuss the correct methods and strategies in supporting the individuals learning and development.

Leave: Upon making the decision to leave DMT School, it is important to understand that DMT School requires a whole terms notice and therefore asks you to communicate these dates to us very clearly in advance via email ([email protected]). If the leaving date has not been communicated to us with sufficient time, payment for the closing term will still be required.

Media: Due to the nature of the performing arts industry, use of photography, videos and sound recording are a vital part of the business and student learning. DMT School could potentially use photos, videos and sound recordings for educational, social media, advertisement and promotional purposes.

By accepting the terms and conditions above, you acknowledge, understand and agree to DMT School polices and procedures. 

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