Elevation School Of Performing Arts

Terms and Conditions

I/we (the dancer and parent or guardian) certify that the applicant is in good health, and may participate in activities. While every practicable precaution is taken, Dance is a sport and accidents or injuries may occur. I authorise the teacher's of Elevation School Of Performing Arts, in the unlikely event of injury, accident or emergency to treat my child to the best of their ability or seek further professional medical advice if unable to contact myself or my designated emergency contact. Should the student be taken to a medical facility for treatment I understand I am liable for all associated expenses.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for my child's behaviour and safety on the premises; and am responsible for the purchasing of proper footwear and dance-wear necessary for the safety and success in class. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure my child safely enters the studio and is collected from the studio at the end of class according to the supplied timetable, and that Elevation takes no responsibility outside of enrolled, designated class times.

I understand all fees and full costume payments are required to be finalised in order for my child to participate in class and the end of year concert. I acknowledge I am liable for all enrolled lesson, rehearsal, costume and associated over due fees as per invoices available on my student portal, emailed or printed. I acknowledge I must provide a minimum of TWO weeks notification prior to discontinuation of classes in writing to the administration email, and that I am liable for the full current term's fees as per my invoice should I elect to discontinue mid-term.

I understand refunds will not be given.

Please be advised that all classes are well supervised and each student participates at their own risk, therefore no responsibility will be placed upon the teacher or Elevation School Of Performing Arts should your child sustain any injuries.

I have read and understood and agree to abide to the above policies and procedures.