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Terms and Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS Elite Theatre Arts Ltd

Students, staff and parents must all follow a respective Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the aforementioned individuals must also follow all other school policies whilst attending Elite Theatre Arts or any other event/offering associated with Elite Theatre Arts Ltd. By allowing your child to attend a class, attending a class yourself, being within ETA premises or premises in which ETA operates, you hereby agree to the below Terms and Conditions and accept that you will follow the Code of Conduct in place and any other supporting policies for ETA. Elite Theatre Arts Ltd nor any of its Directors, Staff or Volunteers accept any responsibility for the negligence of any party in following these policies and their principles. All policies are viewable at any time on our website: www.elitetheatrearts.com


  • -  Fees are payable by termly or monthly instalments (5% admin fee applied if monthly)

  • -  Students must commit to the term in full and attend all classes – therefore a full

    term must be paid for in full, even if only attended in part.

  • -  All term fees are paid via a direct debit which is set up through Elite Theatre Arts

    upon joining.

  • -  Term information including cost and payment information will be communicated at

    least 2 weeks in advance of the new term.

  • -  Refunds will not be given for non-attendance of the term unless certain

    circumstances arise – for refund information see section 2 below


  • -  In cases of illness: if a student misses 4 consecutive classes and is unable to attend the remainder of the term, a 90% refund will be given. This will only be provided in cases of illness and as such, a medical note should be provided to be eligible for a 90% refund. If a medical note is not provided, the full term amount is applicable as per normal circumstances.

  • -  ETA cannot and will not provide refunds for holidays or other commitments.

  • -  ETA cannot and will not issue refunds to those who leave mid-term, unless in the

    case of the illness clause above.

  • -  In the event of our offerings being adapted due to force majeure, we will aim to

    provide alternative arrangements in line with our terms set out in section 3 – in these circumstances refunds will not be issued


  • -  A register for each class is maintained by the teacher who records student attendance for the purpose of health & safety and security.

  • -  Students are expected to attend the full term and should only miss classes if they are unable to due to illness.

  • -  Parents should inform ETA if their child is unable to make class by email

  • -  If a student fails to attend class on 3 or more occasions without notice/reason, then

    they may be removed from the class list.


  • -  All current students at ETA are guaranteed a space in an ETA class* and will automatically be enrolled into the next term.

  • -  It is the Parent’s/Legal Guardian’s responsibility to inform us at least 1 week prior to the end of term to avoid being charged the full amount on the subsequent terms fees

  • -  If a student wishes to change and/or start an additional class, Parental/Legal Guardian consent must be given prior to attending.

  • -  Parents may withdraw or terminate their child’s attendance mid-term – terms in section 2 & 3


  • -  2 or more Siblings attending ETA classes will receive a discount based on the number of classes they attend**:

    • 1 x class each = 10% discount off total invoice

    • 2 x classes each = 20% discount off total invoice

    • 3 x classes each = 25% discount off total invoice

  • -  Discounts are not guaranteed and may be changed/altered at any time


Elite Theatre Arts is a Performing Arts School. It is the sole discretion of the Parent/Legal Guardian to leave the grounds of any site where ETA carries out classes whilst a child attends for the duration, and should only do so under the trust and knowledge that their child is competent enough to look after themselves. For ETA ‘Tini Dancers’ classes Parents will be allowed to wait in the waiting area should they feel it necessary to help with toilet facilities. ALL ETA teachers are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked with relevant First-Aid training. We will always ensure the health, safety and security of students however cannot provide personal care – this remains the responsibility of the Parent/Legal Guardian. Teachers are there only for the supervision of the activity to ensure it is carried out appropriately and safely. We recommend parents wait in a designated area during class to avoid distracting the students – if you choose to remain on site, please do so only in permitted areas/grounds. It is the students responsibility to carry their own medication should it be required.

*Depending on class age and ability, current students may not be placed in the same class in the new term. Any chance will be communicated in advance of the new term starting, via email.

** There are no discounts available on private lessons


  • -  We must have your full and explicit consent to take photography or record videography of your child. Your consent may influence some of the activities your child is able to take part in – you can update your preference by contacting us.

  • -  Parental filming / photography is not permitted within the ETA premises.

    8. PRIVACY:

As a Parent/Legal Guardian, you have the right to request that your information is: corrected, changed or completely removed – you can contact us directly at [email protected] to do this and to request information on the data we hold about you. You can read our full privacy policy, including all other supporting ETA policies on our website www.elitetheatrearts.com