Eloquent Praise Dance Company

Terms and Conditions

1) Payment Policy

All Class Fees are due on the 1ST of the month only, if no fees are paid then entry into the class is not  permitted. Class fees are paid a month in advance. 

We offer the following options for fee payment:

Upfront Payment – you will receive your monthly invoice prior to the commencement of the month and have until the 1st of every month to pay these fees in full. Payment options include payment via classmanager and Bank Transfer.

Name :Eloquent Praise Dance

Account Number: 49136887 

Sort Code: 60-01-27

Overdue fees will accrue a late fee of 10% per week that it is past due and if fees remain unpaid in week 4 of classes students will not be permitted to participate in their lessons.

Please note: All students are invoiced based on a monthly basis so your invoice will be the same each month unless you change classes. If you decide to withdraw from classes mid-month for any reason, you will still be charged for the entire invoiced period.

Refunds will not be issued for missed classes due to cancellation or public holiday – where possible, we will endeavour to arrange make-up lessons for classes cancelled by Eloquent Praise and Empowerment Dance Company or will offer an alternative class.

Class cancellations

Sickness absence : we must be notified of any sickness absence immediately, eloquent will only allow for one absence credit/ class refund within one month. 

Holiday absences-  we must be notified of any holiday 4 weeks in advance.


Discounts are automatically applied to invoices if students take more than one class a week. The more classes a student takes within one week the more the discount increases incrementally. 

Siblings will automatically receive 5% off if both students undertake one class, should this increase the discount will increase.

Cancelling your membership

If you wish to withdraw from classes at Eloquent Praise & Dance Company , it is a requirement that you serve notice and notify us in writing by emailing [email protected].

Notice of four weeks must be given in writing if a child wishes to cease attending lessons. Fees will still be due even if the student is unable to attend class until the completion of the notice period. Fees will not be refunded if a student decides to leave during the course. Should a student leave for medical purposes (a Doctor’s letter will be required in these circumstances) membership may be paused.

Cancellation of Classes: If classes are canceled due to the fault of the company the time will be made up, or fees will be deducted from the following month’s fees. This will be done at the discretion of Eloquent. 

2) Attendance Policy

It is a fundamental necessity for the teacher/choreographer to have the time to work with the students; therefore all pupils are expected to meet a 80% minimum attendance. Parents are asked to contact us when their child is absent giving an indication of the reason.

Exam training: Students working towards examinations will be entered into the exam at the teacher’s discretion. Only once the required standard is attained will students be put forward for examinations. Should their attendance fall below the minimum, we reserve the right to postpone the examination date. Any cost we incur on will be invoiced to the parent/carer.

Choreography for Performances: When working towards group choreography for competitions or performances, should attendance drop below 80% we reserve the right to alter students’ positions and if deemed necessary, he/she will be removed from a section or the whole piece.

3) Lateness Policy

Students are expected to arrive on time. Dance is a physical activity that requires the body to be warmed up in order to execute movement safely. Late students miss the proper warm-up and therefore may sustain an injury. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late may be asked to observe the class for reasons of health and safety.

Dress Code & Lost Property Policy

Students must present themselves in a tidy manner at all times.

Students must wear Eloquent uniform when attending classes:

If you are new to eloquent you must wear All Black clothing until your uniform arrives.

Lessons: Correct uniforms must always be worn. Students that are not dressed appropriately will not be allowed to take a class. If you have any questions regarding the dress code for a particular lesson, please ask the teacher or email [email protected]

Eloquent do not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen, although anything we do find will be placed in lost property.

Behaviour Policy

During sessions, students are expected to behave in a polite manner. They are expected to listen and we discourage unnecessary talking. If a student is causing disruption to others’ learning they may be asked to leave the lesson.

Any unacceptable behavior from students and/or parents/carers will not be tolerated. Unacceptable behavior by pupils may result in exclusion from current and/or further activities.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Eloquent recognize that every child has the right to enjoy a life free from bullying; therefore we will always take all allegations of bullying and are committed to deal with it effectively when it does happen. We will always endeavor to work with students and parents to prevent it from happening.

Health and Safety

Eloquent takes seriously our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all participants, teachers, and volunteers; and takes appropriate measures to make sure the environment is safe for all.

We will undertake regular risk assessments regarding our studio and any other venues used. Dance is as an active engagement as any sport, and whilst every effort is made to avoid them, injuries can happen. 

Our full Health and Safety procedures can be found here:

Media Use Rights Permission

We ask parents/guardians to grant permission for Eloquent to take photographs and videos of the students. No personal information is ever used or linked to the photographs.

We ask for full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help achieve the group’s aims. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications.


Our prime responsibility is the welfare and well being of all children in our care. As such we believe that we have a duty to the children, parents/main carers and staff to act quickly and responsibly in any instance that may come to our attention.

All staff and volunteers employed directly by Eloquent will be DBS Checked before the commencement of their employment, first aid trained and covered under Eloquent Public Liability Insurance.  Should a visitor not have full DBS clearance they will not be left alone with minors.

You can find our full Child Protection Policy Statement here. It sets out the procedures that will be taken if we have reason to believe a child in our care is subject to emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect.

Eloquent will not disclose your contact information to third parties except where the law allows or requires, or where you have given permission to do so.  We may from time to time contact you individually about other carefully selected Eloquent services which we think may be of interest to you.

Eloquent reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time for the benefit of the business, staff or participants.