Flipping Kids

Terms and Conditions

Class Procedures

● Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts;

● Students should place shoes and belongings in the locker area and proceed to the designated “Class Waiting Area”;

●Coaches will come to collect the students from the “Class Waiting Area”, after the previous class has exited the Gym area;

● Please be on time. Each class begins with a warm-up to ensure the body is ready for activity and to help prevent injury;

● Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle into the lesson.

Terms & Conditions

● Availability will only be guaranteed to participants who submit the completed enrolment form, together with full payment before class commencement. (Deadline: Sep 3, 2021). Otherwise, the student will not be permitted to participate in the class and his/her place may be given on the waiting list;

● Application is subject to confirmation via email; Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances including absences due to sickness or average to poor weather conditions;

● Priority bookings for the following terms are available to enrolled students before they open to the general public. Priority bookings are not available if there are any overdue fees on the student's account;

● If you wish to secure your place, even in your absence then you will need to pay for the home you are not attending in advance, in line with the due date;

● Students may have a maximum of 1 make-up class per term providing previous communication is at least 3 hours before class starting time. The make-up class must be scheduled by appointment on an availability basis only;

● For adverse weather policy, please refer to our "Policy and Procedures" web page: https://www.flippingkids.com/blank-page-4

● All participants should notify the academy in writing of any medical conditions(s) of themselves that might affect or jeopardize the class activities. In the class that a participant is injured or requires medical attention during the class and the relevant person and/or parent/guardian Is not available to arrange appropriate medical attention, consent from parent/guardian is hereby extended that this particular participant will be treated by a medical practitioner at the coach or Academy staff deems appropriate. The participant and/or the parent/guardian accepts full responsibility for any such medical treatment including all charges or expenses incurred;

● The Academy reserves the right to cancel and/or change coaches, time & venue of any event, class or course. If the number of enrolments is insufficient to organize a class, the Academy reserves the right of cancellation at its sole discretion;

● I also accept that the Academy, its representatives, coaches and employees will not be responsible for any liability whatsoever arising out of any accident or injury to participants or to any other person, or for loss of, or damage to any property within the Academy or any other venues in connection with the Academy;

● I do give permission for my child/children photos/video to be used on our social media/website for promotional purposes (If you DO NOT want to giv this permission please inform us by email at [email protected]);

● I have carefully read the above terms and conditions and fully understand and will adhere to all Flipping Kids policies. I sign this document with full knowledge of its content and significance;