Force Dance

Terms and Conditions

Terms & ConditionsForce Dance (FD) may amend these terms and conditions at any time by reposting and updating the amended Terms and Conditions.For more information on how your data will be used please see our Privacy Policy.

1.0 These terms and conditions apply to Force Dance (FD) classes and courses given to students, applied for and consented to by the parent or guardian (referred to hereinafter as "student"). Changes to these terms and conditions require the written consent of FD.

2.0 Lesson times and fees are given in the Term Letter or Invoice Email for each class/course. An application will only be deemed to have been accepted if accompanied by the payment/transfer of the required deposit. Receipt of the application and any deposit or fees paid at the time of application will be confirmed in writing along with all relevant course details and acceptance of any student is not confirmed until that letter has been issued.

3.0 Methods of payment:

4.0 All students must register in order to participate in any classes/courses/events. When registering parents/guardians and students are accepting the Conditions stated below as well as the Terms and Conditions of FD. Please email [email protected] for a registration form.

4.1 Cheerleading classes: It's very important that all cheerleaders are aware of what's expected of them when they are a member of the Force Cheer Squad (including Jet Force Squad).

4.2 You understand that stunts and tumbling will be taught safely and in an environment where coaches are present, therefore will encourage the child to ONLY practice in these lessons. No stunts or tumbles will be performed outside of scheduled lesson time, unless attending another organised club.

4.3 Cheerleading is a sport and therefore there is a certain amount of physical activity required. Should physical activities result in strain or injury, first aid will be administered by the trained coaches and parents will be informed. Any further action outside of training sessions is the responsibility of the cheerleader.

5.0 The term dates for the following term will be made known in writing at the end of each term.

6.0 Cancellation - If a student wishes to cancel their place in class or on a course no refund can be given for payments that have already been made. However, all payments must be made up until the date that FD is notified.

7.0 At FD a certain level of behaviour and conduct towards fellow students and instructors is expected and therefore FD reserves the right to exclude students from lessons at its discretion. No refund will be given.

8.0 If a student has not paid for the class/course FD and its instructors reserve the right to exclude a student from said class until payment has been made.

9.0 FD reserves the right to make changes to the timetable and to the teaching staff without prior notice.

10.0 Fees are reviewed at the discretion of FD and may change from the previous term.

11.0 In the event of a lesson being cancelled by FD, this will be credited next term and therefore deducted from the term fee.

12.0 In the instance of holidays, FD will only give a refund for that lesson if informed at the beginning of term.

13.0 Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform FD and its instructors of any existing injuries or medical conditions.

14.0 Students are obliged to take care of their own belongings. FD will not accept liability for lost or damaged belongings.

15.0 If a PRIVATE lesson is arranged with an instructor the liability for the lesson fee and room hire does not lie with FD - this must be arranged with the instructor prior to the lesson.

16.0 When registering a student with FD you must register your email address to receive all class information.

17.0 You must consent to the use of the student’s emergency contact and medical information being recorded and stored by FD whilst the student is registered with FD.

18.0 It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to update ClassManager and FD if contact information or emergency contact information changes. This data will be retained in this database (ClassManager) until FD is notified to remove by emailing [email protected]