Frances Lundy School of Dance

Terms and Conditions

By enrolling into a class, parents/carers accept and agree to abide by the following terms of service:


1.Fee Payment


1.2 Payment is for the term which ranges between 11-14 weeks.

1.3 Enrolment automatically carries over to the next term. You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each new term to be paid online.

1.4 Fees must be paid in advance before the start of term.

1.5 A minimum of 1 month's notice before the start of a new term is required to cancel your membership.

1.6 If after 2 classes a student finds the class is not suitable, they can either change to another class or cancel their membership. In the latter case we will refund what you have paid less 2 classes.

1.7 Refunds are not given if a student is absent from class. Any missed classes can be made up by attending another class of any genre that is age appropriate.

1.8 There are no reductions for part term attendance. 

1.9 Private lessons cannot be refunded once booked


2. Class timing


2.1. Students should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before their class to avoid crowding and disturbing the other classes.

2.2. Students are asked to wait quietly in the changing room until their class begins.

2.3 Parent’s should wait outside the studio and should only enter when they need to speak to the receptionist.

2.4 Our receptionists are there to help children get changed if they are coming straight from school, so parents/carers do not need to come inside to do this. We suggest that children in the baby ballet classes come already dressed.

2.5 Please ensure that you arrive on time to collect your child and make yourself visible outside so that they can let us know you are there. We will not let your child leave unless we can see their parent/carer



3. Uniform


3.1 Students are required to wear the FLSD uniform which is sold at the studio. The same uniform is necessary for examinations.

3.2. Jewellery items which the teacher feels may cause injury must be removed or the student will not be permitted to participate in the class.

3.3. Hair should be tied back and preferably, if long enough, in a bun.  This does not have to be a formal bun, but if coming from school can be secured with a scrunchy or a couple of hairclips.


4. Conduct


4.1. Parents/carers are not permitted to watch classes except during watching week, which is towards the end of every term. For the Baby Ballet classed parents/carers may be present during their child’s trial class, however we recommend only staying for the first 10 minutes.

4.2 The nature of dance requires students to carry out specific sets of physical movement and positioning according to the relevant training materials and so the teaching process will, on occasion, involve the teacher touching the student to move the student's limbs or full body into the required movement/positioning.                        

 4.3 Students/parents/carers are responsible for their own property and bring items at their own risk. We suggest all clothing is named.                                           


5. Communication, Timetable and Exams


5.1 Invoices and other communications/material essential to FLSD are sent out via email to parents/carers. Parents/carers must provide a valid email address and ensure that such emails from FLSD are not considered


5.2 Frances Lundy School of Dance is affiliated to the Royal Ballet School (ATAP), The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. Students are entered into exams at the discretion of the teacher. We recommend those in Grade 1 Ballet and above attend twice per week if theywould like to be considered to sit an examination.