Guildhall School of Dancing

Terms and Conditions

1)    Fees will be due during the first 2 weeks of term.

2)    If payment is not received by half term, the child/children involved will not be able to participate in any further classes until fees are paid.

3)    It is a GSD policy that pupils must not attend classes at other schools in the same genre as the classes being studied at GSD. (See footnote below)

4)    We are happy for pupils to attend classes elsewhere in genres which we do not offer e.g. acro, heels, latin etc.

5)    If a child misses more than 3 lessons in a term in which they are due an exam they will not be entered for the exam.

6)    Half a term’s notice should be given in writing or email when withdrawing a child from the school so additional parental costs are not incurred.

7)    There may be occasions when a teacher needs to give a tactile correction to a pupil in order to achieve correct placing/line in order to prevent injury.

8) A child under the age of 12 must not leave the studio premises without their parent/ guardian. Please provide written permission if you would like your child to leave unsupervised, otherwise if you are late ask your child to return and wait in the studio with their teacher. We cannot supervise children being collected in between classes if you are late, they should return to the studio.

9) Young children should be supervised while at the studio, disruptive behavior in the waiting area or vandalism to our premises will not be tolerated

Footnote: The reasoning behind this condition is that we feel it is unethical, can cause conflict of interest and confusion.

eg. a movement needs to be performed in a certain way for the ISTD syllabus - the teacher corrects the same movement each week only to find exactly the same error in the next lesson. - it then transpires that the child is being told differently elsewhere!


GDPR - We hold the minimum data on you and your child to allow us to run the business. We will never pass on your details to a third party and will only contact you in relation to the running of the business. With your permission we will keep the name of your child in our records as part of the history of the school.

Photo / Video Consent

We regularly take videos and photos during class for educational purposes and occasionally post some on our website and social media.

In accordance with our child protection policy we will not permit photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of the child or the parent if the child is under 16. All photographs will be securely stored and no child ‘s name will be mentioned in reference to the photograph/video without additional parental consent.

The Guildhall School of Dancing will take all steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purposes they are intended. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform Guildhall School of Dancing immediately.

The photos/ videos taken may be used for display / printed publications, on our website or on social media. If you do not consent to this please let us know.