H Dance Collective

Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Updated - November 2022

Below you will find important information which I request all parents/guardians to read, share and discuss with their children as appropriate.


For all HDC classes, you will need to register your details on my online booking portal first before attending any classes or trials and this is for insurance purposes;


Then full payment for the month ahead is required BEFORE the month of classes begins (with the exemption of Tots and Fitness). Your space within the class for that month is only confirmed once payment has been received. You can make payment in three ways;

You will then be added to the online portal class registers once payment has been received.

To book your place on a class, you must register which classes you would like to attend. This can be done either via email - [email protected] or via the booking system online (not including competition teams). Places are reserved on a first come first served basis, once a class register is full you can register still and will remain on the waiting list until a space becomes available.

Classes will need to have a minimum number of 5 students listed on the register for a class to run for that month - this can mean refunds/exchanges where this hasn’t happened.

Wherever possible, HDC is a cashless organisation. Payments are made after your class reservation has been confirmed and BEFORE attending class. The only exception to this is for any PAYG/drop in classes where cash payments can be made instead of bank transfers and will be arranged with the teacher (Tots and Fitness).

In exceptional circumstances where members are struggling to make payment in time, please contact Hannah directly to arrange a payment plan.


Dance fees are paid and scheduled on a monthly basis - regardless of weeks not running for whatever reason. This is because some months have a 5 week month instead of a 4 and therefore it evens itself out payment wise each month. Monthly HDC payments dance fee prices are;

MINI (30 minutes) / week - £15 a month

SINGLE (45 minutes) / week - £20

SINGLE (1 hour) / week - £24 

PROGRAM/COMP ONLY (1.5 hour) / week - £40

DOUBLE (2 hours a week) - £45.00

PROGRAM/COMP + 1 CLASS (2.5 hours a week) - £64.00

TRIPLE (3/3.5 hours a week) - £72.00

QUAD (4/4.5 hours a week) - £95.00

THE FULL PACKAGE (5 hours or more a week) - £110.00

Payment must be made either via the portal or to;

MISS H L MILLS / 40-43-21 / 61643983 / HSBC

If payment is not made before the classes for the month start, the parent / guardian will get 1 warning in regards to late payment, if the fees have not been paid by the 3rd of that month a £5.00 late charge will incur, this will be invoiced to you via the booking portal to your account and the student will be refused entry into the class until payment has been made.


Dance fees are non-refundable or transferable if notice period not adhered to, the costs are fixed and have to be paid regardless of attendance - for example you cannot decide to pay half a months fees because the student is on holiday and won’t be attending classes that month, or if a student is poorly one week etc. Fees work the same as a gym membership for example, and every student/parents agrees to adhere to this. This point of the terms and conditions is non-negotiable.

If you would like to leave HDC or pause your monthly dance fees for whatever reason, the parent/student must give at least 1 MONTHS FULL NOTICE in writing to the HDC email address for this to happen. This includes making payment to cover this notice period until agreed by Hannah.

H Dance Collective reserves the right to change fees, teachers or timetable without prior notice. However, will try to inform parents/guardians of any changes where possible and asap.

If I have to cancel a class that you have paid for, at first instance I will offer an alternative class to attend instead, if this is not possible at all a class refund will be credited to you off the next months dance fees. 


HDC are permitted to take our own photos and videos which we will post on our social media channels and our website. If you would like to opt out of this for your child, please contact Hannah directly via email or via the booking system online where you registered your child to update your preferences.



All students must get dropped off at the front door at Morley Hall, parents and guardians are not allowed to stay for the class inside of the building - with the exception of the ‘Tots Dance Class’. During Tots classes, it is the parents responsibility to take their child to the toilet etc and stay with them for the entirety of it.

Parents/guardians must drop off their student and come back to collect from the same door at the end of the class session. Please try to be prompt with drop off and collection so as to not delay the start of the next class. The front door to the hall will be locked whilst classes are taking place for safeguarding reasons, during classes students are under the supervision and care of the HDC dance teacher. If your child is going to be collected by someone other than yourself, or you are running late, please make the teacher aware of this where possible.


All dance teachers at HDC are first aid trained, have the relevant insurances and are either on the DBS update service or have an up to date enhanced DBS certificate. First aid kits are located on site and with the dance teacher.


HDC keeps records of pupils on an online database with Class Manager, this is password protected and can be viewed at any time by a member of the dance teacher team at HDC. These details will enable us to contact you in an emergency, send you information and updates, keep class registers up to date and give us access to the information needed should we need to apply for any performance licences etc with our local council. We will not share any of your personal information with anyone outside of this or without written permission from yourself.

This complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR legislations.

Should you leave HDC, your details will be kept on file for 1 year and then deleted, you can however at any time remove yourself from the online booking portal at your own request by archiving your own account/log in on the system.

Also, should you need to change your details or make an update you can log in to the portal to do this at any time.

H Dance Collective reserves the right to amend these at any time, as long as HDC members are informed of doing so.

Hannah Louise Mills - Last Amended; November 2022