H Dance Collective

Terms and Conditions


Updated – 23/03/2021


·       The student has been provided with the new rules/regulations surrounding going back to classes with H Dance Collective and agrees to follow the guidance within this. 

·       The student must make sure to try and maintain social distancing whilst at classes with H Dance Collective – floor markers and signage will assist with this.

·       The student understands that they will be prevented from entering class if they are displaying any signs of COVID-19. (This includes fever/high temperature, a new and continuous cough, loss of taste or smell).

·       The student agrees to inform Hannah at H Dance Collective at the earliest instance if they, or somebody within their household, are taken ill or develop any of the above COVID-19 symptoms. The student would then need to follow the advice to self-isolate for 14 days before attending class again.

·       The student understands that they must follow all guidance given by Hannah at H Dance Collective or risk being refused entry to class or asked to leave.



Updated - 23/03/2021


·       All parents/guardians when dropping off students to class, must remain outside the venue. They will be asked to drop the student to the door where I will be taking the register, students will need to be on time to class, I would advise arriving a few minutes early and making sure to queue 1.5 / 2 metres apart. Once students are inside, I will be locking the door so to avoid cross contamination from others. Upon entry to the venue students must use the hand sanitizer provided (or bring their own) and remain in the venue until class starts.

·       Once inside the venue, there will be a one-way system throughout, including to the toilet (where possible). This must be followed - no students are permitted to exit out of the front door for any reason other than when leaving.

·       Students will only be allowed to go to use the toilet one at a time - and must inform Hannah before doing so. All students must wash their hands with soap in the bathroom after using the toilet and use the hand sanitizer provided that will be situated in the venue.

Students must bring a full bottle of water to attend class - cups/glasses will not be given out and where possible students should have enough water to last them the entire class to avoid using taps/sinks within the building. Please try to limit the amount of stuff a student brings to class, where possible, to give us that extra bit of space. Please also avoid bringing snacks/food to class unless it is for medical reasons. The less stuff they have with them, the more space a student has.

·       Class will be limited to 15 students at a maximum at one time. This is so we can adhere to the social distancing guidelines of 1 metre plus - for the younger students there will be circle markers on the floor to assist them in the distancing within class. (Please note – this is subject to change.)

·       Once class has finished, all students must use the hand sanitizer again and will then exit back through the front door. Please aim to be on time for pick up to avoid any delay to the next class.

·       If applicable the next class of students should be waiting in the car park/front entrance door so as not to mix with parents/guardians in the garden area who are collecting students.

·       Payment must be made per class or monthly ONLINE and in ADVANCE of attending your class. No drop ins allowed – preregistration for any HDC class is vital.

·       Please make sure the student wears appropriate dance/active wear they can move in, socks and clean (non black soled) trainers. HDC Program students to wear all black clothing. HDC Uniform available to order for those who want it.