Nicola Hayes

Privacy Policy

Halesowen Dance Academy will only use the data provided for the purpose of contacting you regarding you or your child’s involvement in activities directly in connection to this business. The data will be stored securely on our database no longer than necessary and solely for the completion of those business activities.

You agree to be added to our database so that we can contact you with information of newsletters, term fees, examinations, summer schools and performances.

You agree that if entered for examinations we can submit data to the NATD exam board for the purpose of entering pupils for examinations.

You also agree that we can submit data to the relevant local authority for the purpose of applying for performance licensing for any performances that you have given permission for you or your child to take part in as a HDA pupil. Your permission will be requested prior to any performances.

Halesowen Dance Academy will not share your information with any other parties other than those mentioned above or as part of our responsibilities as a COVID secure business. 

If you decide to leave classes, personal information on our database will be archived unless you request it to be deleted. Enrolment forms will be detroyed if a pupil no longer attends classes.

Halesowen Dance Academy