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Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Face to Face Classes

Trial lessons for new pupils

1.     Each new pupil is entitled to two bookable paid trial lessons at Halesowen Dance Academy. These are payable weekly.

2.     New customers will be required to register via Class Manager before the student attends their first class.

3.     On completion of the trial class (s) customers will be given the option to pay and book for classes for the remainder of the current half term.


Payment of fees

1.     Classes are payable in half termly blocks. The payment for each half term directly reflects the number of weeks in that half term. If a child starts part way through a half term payment will be calculated based on the remaining weeks.

2.     Payments will be accepted via bacs transfer or in cash.

3.     The placement of pupils in classes will be determined by Halesowen Dance Academy considering, age, ability, and previous experience.

4.     Invoices will be sent out via Class Manager prior to the start of the half term and should be paid before the due date to reserve a place.

5.     All deposits for lessons fees are non-refundable except in the event of cancellation by Halesowen Dance Academy.

6.     A follow up invoice will be sent after the invoice due date. Late payments for the half term will incur a £5 administration fee. If no payment is received after the due date of the invoice for class fees, we reserve the right to suspend the customers access to classes.


Discounts and Refunds

1.     Please note that all classes must be paid for even those that a child is absent for. Non payment may result in our decision to withdraw the customers place in the class.

2.     In extenuating circumstances refunds can only be provided at the discretion of Halesowen Dance Academy.


Waiting lists

1.     If a customer chooses to leave classes and later wishes to return, they may do so subject to a place being available.

2.     If your preferred class is full then we will do our best to offer an alternative class or place you on the waiting list.

3.     Please note that if COVID 19 restrictions are in place there may be strict limits on the numbers in classes to enable us to follow Government guidelines and regulations.


Appropriate attire for classes

1.     Students should wear appropriate dress for class. In the first instance this should be HDA uniform, except for new pupils who should wear clothes that they can dance in comfortably (e.g., leggings, t shirt).

2.     Leggings or tights are considered preferrable for ballet classes.

3.     Long hair should be tied back.

4.     New pupils are not expected to have the correct dance footwear, but we do ask that they have clean shoes to wear in lessons.



1.     A fully qualified teacher will lead all classes. They will be CRB checked and insured and be fully aware of our child protection policy (available upon request).

2.     Due to the nature of teaching dance sometimes it is necessary for the teacher to correct positions physically or to provide physical support for a movement. This will always be done in a professional manner and following the guidelines in our risk assessment and child protection policies.

3.     We will always do our best not to cancel lessons but if this becomes necessary E.g. through teacher illness, or problems with the venue, we will give you as much notice as possible. We will do our best to offer an alternative or extra lesson. If we are unable to this, we will credit any fees paid towards future invoices.

4.     Neither HDA or our venues will accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property and possessions.

5.     Very occasionally we may have to temporarily change the venue for a class and will notify you of this.

6.     The customer has a responsibility to notify HDA of any illness or injury that may affect the participant’s ability to take part in a class.

7.     The customer has a responsibility to notify HDA of any medical conditions a student may have and to keep us updated of any changes to this or new conditions.

8.     We do not accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury arising from errors or omissions from the pupil registration form whether completed by the guardian or another adult at the time of enrolment.

9.     We do not accept liability for death or other personal injury to any participant. With the exception, of an injury being caused by negligence on our part.

10.  We do not accept responsibility for loss or expense due to circumstances beyond our control such as transport, fire, and weather conditions.


Mobile Phones

1.     Halesowen Dance Academy does not permit the use of mobile phones by parents or students for taking photos or video unless in exceptional circumstances. This includes both from within the studio and from outside where it may be possible to see the dance class from a window.

2.     If a parent is viewing a lesson we respectful ask that they do not use their mobile phone whilst in the studio.

3.     Please note if the teacher believes an individual may be attempting to film or photograph a dance class we reserve the right to ask them to stop immediately and delete any images.

4.     Mobile phones should be placed in silent mode during classes and remain in the students dance bag, it is courteous to ask the teacher in charge if it is felt that a pupil may need to use their phone during a class.

5.     In certain circumstances such as the filming of students own work, or for the filming of older pupils and adults work the teacher may give permission for the pupils to use their own device. (E.g. a trainee teacher who wished another pupil to film their choreography to allow them to remember it)

6.     If you wish to photograph your child (E.G. Attending ballet with the class mascot) please ask the permission of the teacher in charge and we will do our best to accommodate this for you.


Privacy / GDPR

1.     If you / your child decides to leave classes, personal information on our database will be archived unless you request that it be deleted. Any paper enrolment forms will be destroyed if a pupil no longer attend classes.


First Aid 

1.     On registration the customer / student will be asked whether they consent for a qualified first aider to administer first aid treatment to yourself / or your child if required whilst they are attending dance activities. The first aider will wear appropriate PPE in line with Govt advice regarding COVID 19 measures if necessary. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.



Additional information on COVID-19 19 (face to face lessons)


1.     Halesowen Dance Academy agrees to adhere to the UK government and the Worldwide Heath Organisation (WHO) recommended ways to prevent the spread of infection.

2.     HDA works closely with our venues and a professional risk assessment organisation to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent the spread of COVID infection. Our COVID-19 risk assessment policy is available on request.

3.     If your child (or anyone in your household) is unwell with possible COVID 19 symptoms then you will need to follow current UK government advice on testing and isolation.

4.     We ask that you inform HDA immediately if either your child or a member of their household shows any symptoms of COVID 19.

5.     HDA will keep a record of all participants’ names and telephone numbers and will only provide these to the venue if requested for the purpose of track and trace.

6.     The parent/legal guardian agrees that Halesowen Dance Academy is not responsible for any spread of infection or contraction of COVID-19.

7.     Halesowen Dance Academy will continue to monitor government guidance and regulations regarding COVID 19. We agree that as far as reasonably practical we will take steps to minimise the risk to health and safety of our parents and pupils.

8.     If any pupil has been identified as an extremely vulnerable person, they should continue to follow the specific medical advice issued to them.


Additional information on dance classes delivered on zoom

Important Notice for parents & participants 


In the event of further government restrictions or lockdowns which require our business to close Halesowen Dance Academy will move to a temporary timetable of zoom dance classes.



Please note parents are responsible for their child’s safety at all times whilst using their home dance space. 

Please ensure that there is enough space to participate without obvious risk of injury to the participant or others, or risk of damage to property.

The flooring in the room should be safe for the activity undertaken.

Younger pupils should have a parent in the same room with them during the class.

HDA will not accept liability for injuries that occur whilst taking part in classes.


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