Hope Performing Arts Centre

Terms and Conditions

Hope Performing Arts Centre 2022 Policy


Please read the following policy carefully before registering your child for lessons at Hope Performing Arts Centre

Fee Payment


Fees are due upfront for the term by the due dates set out below *.  They can be paid either into the HPAC account noted on your invoice, or via credit card (PayPal), or on a payment plan through pinch payments.  Fees are due by the following dates


Payment Plan – Initial Set-up date before the 12th of January – payments will be debited for the whole year.  Cancelation of the payments will result in lessons ceasing immediately unless another arrangement has been made for fees payment.

Students who have not paid their fees by the due date will have their places listed as vacant and released to prospective new students or current families wishing to change their lesson times.


Up-Front Term Payments are due on the following dates


Term 1 – January 12th

Term 2 April 12th

Term 3 July 12th

Term 4 October 1st.


Creative kids vouchers are due by the following dates to offset invoice


Term 1 January 9th

Term 2 April 9th

Term 3 July 9th

Term 4 September 27th.

* Student who start their enrolments midterm need to have paid their invoices or be on a payment plan by the date shown on their invoice.

Missed Lessons/Make Up Lessons


If your child is going to be absent from their lesson, please notify by texting 0432 685 585.  Make up lessons will only be given to families who provide us with 24 hour or more notice of their absence.  


Make -up lessons must be used within the term that the absence occurred. 


Missed lessons will not be refunded


There are no make-up lessons for missed group classes.


If your child is sick but well enough to do their lesson an online lesson in their regular timeslot will be provided instead of a make up lesson.




Once your child has been given a private lesson time-slot this will be their time for all of 2022.  We cannot accommodate change of times so please consider wisely the time-slot you choose for your child for 2022.


Group Class times cannot be changed so please ensure that you can commit to the class for all of 2022 before you enrol your child.


Drop-off/Pickup/Waiting Room


When children are dropped at HPAC please ensure that you accompany them to the door and wait with them until their teacher collects them.  If you drop and leave please ensure that you return 5 mins prior to the end of your child’s lesson. 


There is no supervision provided for children whose parents are late to pick up their child. 


If your child is late to their lesson, their lesson time will not run over to accommodate this.


Online Lessons


Online private lessons will only be available for children who are 9 years old and above who have the following set up


1.     Full sized instrument if using a piano that has weighted keys or A music stand along with their instrument they are doing voice, guitar, or violin lessons.

2.     A laptop or computer connected directly to the internet with a camera.  (Do not run a device off Wifi as this can become unstable during lessons and cause issue like lag between picture and sound or the screen freezing).

3.     A high-quality microphone connected to the computer.


Students doing online lessons must ensure that they test their set up prior to lessons and ensure that original sound is turned on.  Students doing online lessons must attend the studio twice a term for a face-to-face lesson.


Music craft classes.  – These classes will be delivered live in person and online as per the scheduled timetable except for the Monday Beginner Class which will be live only. No special set up is required for online theory/music craft classes.


Drama lessons will be face to face only.




All students are expected to practice each week at home.  If your child is under the age of eight, they will need your help and supervision during practice time.  Children between 8 and 12 will need frequent parent check ins.  All students will be required to fill in their practice sheets each week and to have them signed by their parents each week. Practice sheets can be found in the parent portal  


Practice Requirements




Days per Week


10 – 15 mins

3 – 4 days a week


15 – 20 mins

3 – 4 days a week

Preliminary and Grade 1

25 – 30 mins

4 – 5 times a week

Grade 2 - 4

30 – 45 mins

4 – 5 times a week

Grade 5 and above

Minimum 45 mins

Minimum 5 days a week


Practicing regularly is a very important part of a student’s musical development.  We appreciate parents support in this matter.

Student Behaviour.

We expect all our students to behave in a manner that is respectful to all the members of the HPAC community.  This includes teachers, other students and parents.  We want all our student, parents, and staff to feel welcome and safe at Hope Performing Arts Centre and to be working towards the best outcomes for each students.