Inspire Dance Academy

Terms and Conditions

2023-2024 Inspire Dance Academy Policy Handbook and Liability Waiver

Every dancer must have this waiver signed to participate in classes at Inspire Dance Academy   

It is MANDATORY to every dancer to have on file before their first day. 

Dancers who do not have a waiver on file will NOT be allowed in class.

Dancer's release and account liability 

The Participant, in attending Inspire Dance Academy and using the facilities, does so at their own risk. IDA shall not be liable for any damage arising from personal injuries sustained by the participant in or about the premises. The participant assumes full responsibility for all injuries and damages which may occur in or about the premises and they do hereby fully and forever release and discharge the studio instructors, studio owner, and any other employees from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action present or future, resulting from or arising out of the participants use of the studio and/or its facilities. Participation is entirely their own choice and with the understanding of risk of accidental injury involved in any activity involving motion or height. In addition to the above, should this account become delinquent, the undersigned will be responsible for any and all collection costs including attorney fees and court costs. 

Acrobatics Release

ACROBATICS requires the ability to support one’s own body weight on their hands. Courage, Consistence, Perseverance, and the Understanding that tricks are NOT mastered the first time!  MATS are used during class to LEARN tricks. Once your child has mastered a particular trick, he/she will advance to the floor. WE DO NOT USE MATS DURING THE RECITAL. Your child will NOT perform a trick in the routine that they have not mastered on the floor.  MY CHILD and I are aware that participating in ACROBATICS is a potentially hazardous activity. I will assume all risks associated in this sport, including but not limited to: falls, contact with other students, bruising, and other reasonable risk conditions related to this sport.


All communication is done through email [email protected]

We also send important information through text message to the number on file and also post in our Facebook, instagram, or website.

All communication will be done during regular business hours Monday - Friday

Photo/Video Release

I hereby consent to Inspire Dance Academy be authorized to use my dancers name, portrait, picture, photograph, video or any  reproduction of myself for editorial and/or commercial purposes. Permission is hereby granted to make changes or alterations and/or use my name for such purposes.   

Equality Clause

Inspire Dance Academy is an equal opportunity studio and will not tolerate any discrimination, drama or negative behavior from parents or dancers towards anyone at the studio.  If there is a problem action will be taken promptly, including dismissal if necessary. This includes misuse of Logo or any social media posting.

Website and Parent Portal 

Access your account, update information, pay, set your account to auto pay and more.

Visit our website, click on the parent portal, enter the email address and password linked to your account. Create an account by clicking forgot password and enter the email address on file.

Class Policy

Class sizes are limited.

We have the right to adjust class length, reschedule or cancel any classes with low enrollment.

We have the right to move your dancer to a class better suited to their abilities at any time during the season.

If a dancer is unable to maintain the focus for the level, they are signed up for they may be asked to change classes.  Please note, our job is to make sure your dancer is thriving and enjoying class.  Pushing a dancer too hard only results in burnout, frustration and oftentimes does less for self-esteem, instead of allowing them to thrive and have fun.  In time everyone will reach their goals.

Absenteeism / Dropping a class

NO refunds for missed classes or for dropping a class mid-season. 

Make-up classes may be available but are NOT guaranteed.

Please inform us if you will be missing or absent from class.

To officially drop a class and stop tuition, you must email 1 week before 1st of the month 

All Costumes are forfeited if a dancer drops out of a performing class (No refunds)

Dancers who drop out mid-season will need to re-enroll to start back (this means paying their membership fee again as if they were a new dancer)

Drop Off—Pick Up

We recommend little Children to come in through the mall. If parents are sticking around during class spectators are not allowed to interact with students during class. Older kids can be dropped of though the back. (Door with a turquoise star)

ALL dancers are required to have a parent escort them to the door when dropping off before and after class teacher will escort out if arranged. 

Dancers will be prohibited from running across the parking lot.

If you are watching class in the front, we ask that you do not distract our dancers during class. Your child's dance education is important to us and their ability to focus is imperative. 

Dancers are NOT allowed to be dropped off early, sit outside unsupervised, or allowed in the dance room before their scheduled class. 

Please arrive on time when picking up your dancer from class.

Dancers who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed to take class. 

Please notify us if you will be missing class or late [email protected].

Snow Days / In-climate Weather

We follow the District 6

(If they are closed so are we)

Each class is allowed one snow day per season without a scheduled make-up.  

If a class misses more than one day due to inclement weather, a scheduled makeup or replacement class will be offered.

Student and Parent Use of Social Media

Use of Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, blogging, and other online social-media vehicles are commonplace.

Respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, copyright and fair use.

Parents and students should never post negative comments about anything or anyone.

When posting any type of class work or choreography, NEVER, post more than 30-50 seconds to the public

Use of LOGO

The use of the Inspire Dance Academy Logo is strictly prohibited for personal use

Other than as expressly stated herein, no one shall use our logo without the prior written permission from the Artistic Director

Tuition Policy Performance Classes

Yearly Membership/Registration Fee

1 Dancer $50  

 2 Dancers $75   

 3 Dancers $100

Membership Fee is non-refundable

Dancers must live at the same address

Monthly Tuition Policy 

Tuition is divided into monthly payments 

ALL accounts MUST have a form of payment on file

Accounts on Auto-Pay will automatically be processed on the 1st of each month

Check or cash payments (please write dancers name on an envelope and bring during your class time)

LATE FEES: A $10 late fee will be applied on the 10th of the month and your card on file processed for accounts past due

REMINDER: Payments made by credit card will automatically be charged a $5 processing Fee.

Students who are more than one month behind on tuition payments, will not be allowed to return to class until the account is up-to-date, including late fees.

$25 Bounced Check fee (cash or credit card only after a bounced check)

A student that drops out in the middle of a pay period, that pay period is still owed. 

We have the right to adjust class length, reschedule or cancel any classes with low enrollment.

There are no refunds. (in the event of a studio closing you will receive a studio credit for any pre-paid classes, camps, workshops, costume, and recital fees.)

View your account anytime in the parent portal - change payment information on file or edit your personal information at the studio

Monthly Tuition

30-minute class  $40

45-minute class $60 

Tuition is divided into equal monthly payments

Tuition does not include membership fee, costume fees & recital fees. These are billed separate.

Costume Fees

Costume Fees due March 1st and will be processed on March 1st with tuition

Child Size   $80 Per Costume

Child XL/ Adult  $90 Per Costume

Costume fee includes all accessories (hats, gloves, tights, hair pieces etc.) and simple alterations.  

Dancers need their class required shoes for the performance.

Costume Fees are non-refundable.

LATE FEES: A $10 late fee will be applied on the 10th of the month and your card on file processed for accounts past due

Recital Fee

Recital Fee is due on May 1st and will be processed on May 1st with tuition

$120  Per family  (add $25 for each additional dancer)

The recital fee includes one recital shirt, 2 complimentary tickets to the recital, and a digital download of the recital performance.

Recital fee is Non-refundable

LATE FEES: A $10 late fee will be applied per costume on the 10th of the month and your card on file processed for accounts past due

All costumes are forfeited if a dancer drops out of a performance season before the show.

Workshop and Camp Policy 

Workshop or Camp must be paid in full to hold placement

No refunds for Workshop or Camp tuition.

We have the right to adjust class length, reschedule or cancel any classes with low enrollment.

If a workshop or camp is canceled a studio credit will be given. Credit can be used towards another workshop, camp or class tuition and will be valid for one year.

Temporary Closure due to a Pandemic or Other

If the studio were to be temporarily closed your account will be frozen.

Any tuition, costume fees, recital fees, workshop or camp fees will remain as a credit on your account.

This credit can be used up to one year after we're-open.

No refunds for prepaid tuition, costume fees, recital fees, workshop or camp fees

If costumes have been ordered and there is a shut down you will receive your costume (no credit will be allowed)

Parent/Guardians Initials


Dress Code

Dress code is MANDATORY for Performance Classes.

HAIR must be secured away from the dancer's face.

Dancers should be dressed and ready before the class begins, we do not have a changing area

All dancers need the required shoes and proper dress code for classes they are registered for. 

No jewelry.

Parent/Guardian Initials