J’s Dance Factory, Kidderminster

Terms and Conditions

Please take some time to read this document and bare in

mind that by signing the enrolment form you are in agreement with all terms and conditions.
If there is anything you need to ask contact your Dance school Principal!


Over the years, we have noticed that most parents prefer monthly payments of their child’s/children's dance tuition. Invoices are issued on 25th of every month and payable on the 1st of every month. The fees are fixed, regardless of the number of weeks in the month (whether 4 or 5). This is because the annual tuition fee is evenly distributed across twelve months.

Late and Non Payment

We appreciate prompt payment. Late payments attract a late payment fee of £10 which is automatically added to your account in the result of non payment on the day fees are due. Fees may be paid by debit or credit card via your electronic invoice or BACS (please check the correct bank details with your dance school manager if you prefer this method of payment). Failure to make punctual payment may also result in your child/children being denied entry to classes. Upon joining you have accepted our services and terms and outstanding debt may be pursued even if

you leave the school.

Term Dates

Term dates will be emailed to you upon enrolling into the school and a copy is displayed on the school notice board. 

Missed Classes

We appreciate that from time to time your child will be unable to attend their dance class. However, we are unable to offer a refund for any class missed for any reason including, illness, audition attendance or prior engagement, even if they have missed the session for reasons beyond their control. An exception can be given to long term illness. In the event of a student gaining paid/unpaid performance experience/work you will pay 50% of there current class fees or you may refer to our 'Cancellation Notice Period'.

Cancelled Classes

On very rare occasions it may be necessary for us to cancel sessions for reasons beyond our control such as adverse weather conditions or last minute instructor illness. In these situations we are unable to refund the class however we will always endeavour to offer a make- up class as a means of appropriate compensation. A make-up class is an extra session added to the typical dance school calendar after an unexpected cancellation. You will not be charged extra for this class. You will receive notification of make up classes via email or text.

Trial Sessions

At J’s Dance Factory we believe that it is essential for your child to try out our classes before you commit. We offer 3 weeks for a £15 trial. After this, if you decide to sign up you will be asked to fill in the necessary enrolment forms, pay your £30 enrolment fee receive your T-shirt and be officially enrolled in the school. Once you have decided to join no refunds will be given.

Cancellation Notice Period

If you wish to cancel your membership at J’s Dance Factory we are unable to offer you a refund on tuition fees, uniform, competition fees, trips or alike. In order to terminate your account with us we require a full month’s written notice. Please note that you will not be refunded any fees if you choose to leave the school and if you do not give the agreed notice you will be billed for the month that follows and be required to pay the invoice. Notice should be in writing via email to your child’s dance school manager.

Cancellation Period Disputes

We are very transparent about our one month cancellation policy, providing clear advice up front which enables our prospective customers to make an informed decision about joining the school. We therefore ask that you also abide by our rules when deciding to leave J’s Dance Factory. If your child does not want to continue for the notice period you are still liable to pay fees totalling the month’s notice period. In some cases we may also be able to transfer the notice period fees to a sibling should this be appropriate. This is at the discretion of your dance school manager.


Whilst we look to provide our students with continuity we can not always guarantee the same tutor although all of our tutors are carefully recruited, DBS checked, qualified and insured.


From time to time there will be performances scheduled. In this instance notice will always be given and students are expected to take part where possible. Shows sometimes incur a cost for costumes, again parents will be notified of this cost prior to the scheduled performance.


Your child is expected to attend classes well groomed and wearing J’s Dance Factory uniform. A uniform list is available from your Principal. You will receive your child’s first T-shirt
with your enrolment fee. Failure to do so can result in refusal of entry to the lesson. You are required to purchase uniform within 4 weeks of joining the school.


Your child is expected to attend regularly and be punctual to lessons. Extra rehearsals may be necessary during show or exam time which may incur an additional cost, prior notice will always be given.

Accident and Injury

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure your child is safe a certain amount of risk is carried with any physical activity, students partake in classes at their own risk. Please see our health and safety policy for more detail.


J’s Dance Factory reserve the right to ask any student to leave with no refund of fees if parent or student behaviour is deemed unacceptable by management.


J’s Dance Factory can not except any responsibility for the loss or damage of property at any time.


It is not necessary for you to stay with your child whilst they are in lessons but you are required to collect them as soon as the session finishes. We can not be responsible for the care of any child
outside the times their classes are booked. We also reserve the right to refuse someone collecting your child that we do not recognise and you have not informed us is collecting your child even if your child knows them. So if someone different is collecting your child we must be notified. If you wish for your child to travel home alone we will need written permission to allow this.

Summer Deposits

In order for us to hold your child's place over the summer we require a deposit. The amount is to the discretion of the Dance School Manager. If you do not pay the deposit and still return in September you will have to re enrol and pay the required enrolment fee to come back to classes.

 Complaints Procedure

If there is something you are unsatisfied about we always urge you to raise the issue with your child's Dance Teacher or the Dance School Manager. Once your complaint has been logged they will take appropriate action which would involve a number of things. One being escalating the issue to Head Office. If you have a serious complaint you can send an email to Head office using [email protected]

J’s Dance Factory seeks to offer a safe and conducive environment to all children under our care.
We protect children and young adults from any inhuman treatment and abuse and stand up to our

responsibility to protect and cater for children by upholding certain legal practices that shield
them. Our goal is to offer a level playing field for all children and young people attending by our


To achieve this goal, we believe that:
- Our student’s welfare is important
Regardless of individual differences including age, gender, disability, language, religious belief,
racial origin and culture, children should be protected from harm and treated equally.
Active partnership with parents, guidance and other related partnership is imperative for improved
welfare of children