JA Performing Arts

Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge all fees are payable in advance.  I understand all invoices must be settled within 14 days.  Failure to do so will incur a 10% surcharge.


I understand should I wish to withdraw my child from their class/classes no refund will be made. I will provide half a terms notice (5 weeks before the new term is due).  If I do not provide this notice I understand the next terms fees will be due in full.



JA Performing Arts agrees to adhere to the UK government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended ways to prevent the spread of infection. 


During the pandemic JA Performing Arts has taken every precaution and is adhering to Government guidelines in order to protect the students and staff, should we go into localised lockdown or a teacher has to isolate, classes will go online with the current timetable.  No refunds will be offered.


We are a COVID secure business and have an independent Risk Assessment, which is available on request.  All other measures in place can be sent via email in a detailed document.


If your child (or anyone in your household) is unwell, even with a mild cough or fever, they should stay at home and will not be permitted onto the dance school premises.  If this is the case, please advise in advance and we will set up Zoom classes, to ensure your child does not miss their lesson.  This also applies to our adult classes.


If anyone in your household has been contacted by Track and Trace and advised to isolate, please stay at home, your child will not be permitted in to class/the studio.  Please also advise JA Performing Arts, as we may need to inform the rest of your child’s class/bubble.  This also applies to our adult classes.


The parent/legal guardian agrees that JA Performing Arts are not responsible for any spread of infection or contraction of Covid-19.

Online classes


Your child will not be left unsupervised at any point in the session.


You are able to provide at least 6ft2 of clear, flat floor space for the student’s use. Where no furniture, slip and/or trip hazards can be found.


You ensure the student is wearing appropriate uniform and footwear for online classes.


You fully understand that as JA Performing Arts are not providing these services in person, we are unable to provide any first aid or safeguarding services.


If my child has an injury, they will not participate.