Jessica Ann School of Dancing

Terms and Conditions

Parent/Student Code of Conduct

Jessica Ann School of Dancing aims to provide a high quality and positive dance experience to all those attending our classes and as such we ask that all participants adhere to the relevant code of conduct outlined below.

This rolling agreement is made between the student or the parent/guardian of each student (if under 18), and Jessica Ann School of Dancing. It is valid at all times whilst the student is enrolled at the school and until such time as notice is given in accordance with clause 2 below.

  1. Fees are invoiced termly. They are due by the first class of the term the student attends and must be paid in full for each term in advance. If fees are not paid in advance, the Student may be denied tuition and 10% surcharge will be added to the invoice. Fees can be paid in cash, card, PayPal or bank transfer to Jessica Ann School of Dancing.

  2. Notice of six weeks must be given if leaving the school, or discontinuing any classes in order to terminate this agreement. Fees will still be due even if the student is unable to attend class until the completion of the notice period. Fees will not be refunded if a student decides to leave during the course, unless a student has to leave for medical purposes (a doctor’s letter will be required in these circumstances).

  3. No refunds can be given for days when the Student is not in attendance.

  4. Completion of the online registration form using our online portal must be submitted prior to attending classes. You must notify us of any changes to contact details or medical information to enable us to keep up-to-date information for the safety of your child. Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform JASD of any existing injuries or medical conditions along with emergency contact information.

  5. JASD accepts no responsibility for any loss of property or personal injury during class times and reserves the right to refuse entry to classes at their discretion.

  6. JASD reserves the right to substitute tutors without notice.

  7. Students must wear correct uniform whenever they are in attendance at the School. No outdoor shoes to be worn in the studio. Details of the current uniform can be obtained from your class teacher or via our website No jewellery is to be worn in class and hair must be tied back off the face. All students should refrain from eating or chewing gum during classes.

  8. Jessica Ann School of Dancing guarantees to provide the services advertised within the advertised term dates. JASD will always attempt to have the full range of advertised classes on offer however, we retain the right to change the

advertised agenda of classes in the event of illness or other circumstances beyond our control.

JASD will not be financially liable to customers should it fail to perform its obligations under this contractfor classes, dates or events cancelled due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, or arising from a force majeure event, and is unable to provide refunds under such circumstances.

A force majeure event is any circumstance or event beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, acts of God, national or international emergencies, civil disobedience, war or riot, terrorism, earthquakes or other catastrophes, military activity, explosions, floods, storms, fires, accidents, notifiable diseases and disruption of power supplies or other essential services.

JASD will provide written notice to all customers of such circumstances. If classes are cancelled, JASD will endeavour to provide alternative arrangements, make up the lost time or deduct fees from the following term. However, this will be at JASD’s sole discretion.

9. All students must arrive to class on time. We are only responsible for your child within the times of their dance class. If you/your child cannot attend a class, please inform JASD of their absence prior to the class.

10. No outdoors shoes are to be worn inside the dance studio and no shoes worn in the dance studio are to be worn outside of the dance studio. This is for hygiene purposes and to help maintain a safe dance practice.

11. Our Child Protection Policy can be found in the separate Child Protection Policy document. Any parent/guardian or student can view this if and when requested. In line with this policy, all of the teachers employed directly by JASD have had an Enhanced Disclosure Check completed before the commencement of their employment, and have public liability insurance.

12. Physical contact statement; Dancing is a physical skill. In order to help facilitate the student’s learning the teacher may occasionally need to make physical contact. This can include lifting, adjusting arms, legs, rib cage, hips, feet, hands and moving one student in relation to another. This will be done in a sensitive and professional manner, and the intention of the contact will be made clear. We encourage students to report any concerns.

13. The parent/guardian gives permission for JASD to use still and video images of the Student in publicity materials. Should the parent/guardian wish the Student to be excluded from publicity materials, this should be stated on the registration form. Any photography/Video taken by teachers or professional photographers on behalf of the school, remain solely for the private use of the school. Any photos/videos used for marketing material or the website is only done so with the consent of the parents/guardians. No personal information is ever used or linked to the photographs.

14. JASD will not disclose your personal information to third parties except where the law allows or requires, or where you have given your permission to do so. We may from time to time contact you individually about other carefully selected JASD services, which we think, will be of interest to you.

15. Our equality, diversity and inclusion policies can be found in a separate equality policy. We believe all students have equal opportunity to learn, however if you/child has any special needs or disabilities that may affect learning please disclose on the registration form.

16. JASD will not tolerate any form of harassment toward its staff or other students. Please respect all those around you and enjoy each other’s company. We are a friendly dance school and we are delighted to welcome you to our JASD family.