Lauren J Dance Academy

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

New Members:

New members joining the school receive 1 week’s tuition free followed by pay weekly classes till the next month.

Please wear light stretchy clothing, leggings and a t.shirt are best for girls or joggers and t.shirt for boys.

How do I pay for classes after my weekly classes?

Dance class payments are paid per calendar month; all dance fees are payable on the 1st of the month and no later 

than the 7th – Just before your first monthly payment you will receive an invoice by email, this will detail the classes 

your child will be attending and how much your monthly fee will be – there will be a link to send payment through 

this method. Every payment will be sent a receipt and payments can also be made via bank transfer or by cash. I do 

not except cheques. We are open for 39 weeks of the year and your yearly payments are spread over 12months.


No financial adjustments will be made due to missed classes (illness, holidays, parties etc). Long term illness will be 

dealt with compassion. In the event that LJDA cancels a class this will be re-arranged at any time convenient to the 

school no refunds will be given unless in the unlikely event we do not re-arrange the class.

Late Fees:

Should the monthly fee remain outstanding by 8th of the month, a £10 charge will be applied. Should the term fee 

remain outstanding by the next calendar month, an extra £10.00 penalty will be added. Should the parent allow this 

debt to accumulate for a 3rd month the result will be pupil expulsion. Tuition debt will be retrieved through legal 


Cancellation Policy:

1) In the unlikely event that you should want to cancel classes that you have already started you will not be refunded the remaining sum. 30 days notice must be given when leaving the school.

2) If your child changes classes mid-term there will be no refunds or financial adjustments 

3) We reserve the right to charge you for a term you have started if you leave without notification

4) If for any reason I cancel a class I will endeavour to provide an alternate class where possible, if an alternate class is provided no refunds will be given whether you attend or not. If I do not provide an alternate then a refund will be given. 

Medical conditions & injuries:

1) We should always be made aware of any medical conditions or injuries your child may have or suffer from so that we can provide a responsible level of care.

2) In the event of illness, we will contact parents/guardians using the telephone numbers listed on your child’s enrolment form. In the event of an emergency, we will contact the emergency services as well as parent/guardians. It is your responsibility to keep us updated with changes of address and telephone 

numbers and to be contactable during sessions, this can be done via parent portal or at reception.

3) Lauren J Dance Academy is unable to accept liability for physical injury, damage or loss of property.

It must be remembered dance is a sport- and sometimes injuries can happen. LJDA takes out every practice 

in order to ensure members are dancing and practising in a safe and controlled environment. In the unlikely event the child over-strains or gets any minor injuries throughout a lesson at Lauren j Dance Academy – you 

will be notified. The most common injuries are usually a result of silliness and lack of concentration.

By ticking the box online, you are agreeing to all of the above terms  – Please also see our code of conduct in your starter pack