LCA Stage Academy

Privacy Policy

 LCA Stage Academy's Privacy Policy

Information you provide will comply with the following points in line with LCA’s Privacy Policy:

·       Data to be collected: Name of performer, name of parents/guardians, emergency phone numbers, performer date of birth, address, in some cases GP details in case of emergency, any necessary medical information we should be aware of. 

·       Why?: The information collected from you basic data needed in case of emergencies at LCA and to keep you updated with details about classes.

·       How will your data be used?: Data that you give to LCA will only be used to keep you updated about classes you are booked in for. It will also be used in case of emergency. You will be contacted directly by phone call in the event of an absence if the absence has not been reported to Louise in writing to make sure you’re aware that they are not present (child protection- see terms and conditions). You will be contacted via email about shows, term dates, term fees, any general updates regarding LCA weekly classes/workshops that you enrol for. 

·       Where will your data be kept?/Data handling: Online data forms complete via our ClassManager booking system will be kept securely on LCA's Class Manager password protected account. Only the LCA Data Protection Officer (and Creator and Director of LCA) has access to this. Phone numbers are only saved on the official LCA Stage Academy phone (as company director and data processor) which is password protected and can only be accessed by LCA's director. Phone numbers will be deleted when a performer leaves LCA Stage Academy. 

In the interest of data protection for LCA Staff members, please do not contact LCA School Leaders/LCA Staff members privately. All correspondence regarding LCA is to be between myself and parents/guardians directly. 


·       Your Rights: To comply with the GDPR articles 15-22 regarding your rights, I need to inform you about your rights for your data: You have the right to access your information, you have the right to update your information (change of number, surname, GP details etc). You have the right to delete your information when leaving LCA. 

·       Accounting: Your personal information for processing your payments for LCA will be shared with accounting via quickbooks. I am data controller and my accountant is a data processor in order to complete necessary tax and accounting requirements. They have the necessary security measures in place and will inform me of any data breech to their systems.

·       You will be informed immediately in the event of a data breech of any kind. 

·       Data you provide will be used in emergencies if a child is unwell during their time at LCA. Predominately, you will be contacted by myself, or the LCA School Leader on site at the time of the emergency. 

·       The email addresses you provide will be added to a mailing list which will allow for you to be kept up to date with the latest LCA news, including details about weekly classes, shows and opportunities at LCA

·       When a performer leaves LCA Stage Academy, for any reason, their data (enrolment and consent forms) will be disposed of immediately and contact details will be removed from LCA’s mailing lists and you will not be contacted by LCA in future for any marketing. (If a performer leaves but you would like to continue to be on a mailing list for one-off workshops, written consent must be given separately).


To Conclude:

By providing your contact details and completing LCA's enrolment and photography and video consent forms on Class Manager, you are opting in to being contacted by LCA regarding your child’s involvement with LCA Stage Academy and for photos and videos to be used as stated on the Online Video Disclaimer. You will receive emails about the classes that your child is enrolled into, including details about extra rehearsals, show details and other important information you need to be aware of.