LCA Stage Academy

Terms and Conditions

LCA Stage Academy's terms and conditions apply to any of our classes, workshops, masterclass or other experience we provide.

By digitally completing enrolment with LCA Stage Academy via Class Manager, the performer's Legal Guardian declares that the information given in the application is correct and therefore apply for a place for their child at LCA Stage Academy.

Enrolment automatically continues from term to term and academic years from the point of initial enrolment. LCA Stage Academy reserves the right to restrict admission at its own discretion.

Legal Guardians are required to give a term's notice in writing at the point of their intention to withdraw a child from LCA Stage Academy at the end of that term. A half term's fee will be payable in lieu of notice.

Fees for each term are payable before commencement of each term and failure to make payment in good time may result in a child not being able to access the services of LCA Stage Academy until full payment is made.

LCA Stage Academy's Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

Our Safeguarding Policy 


This policy applies to all staff, including school leaders, volunteers, teachers who teach regularly at LCA/guest teachers, students, performers or anyone working or associated with LCA Stage Academy.


We aim to provide safe participatory and creative opportunities for all the children and young people who attend our theatre school.

In order to do this we recognise that:


The purpose of this policy:

-       To protect children and young people between 3-18yrs who receive services/performing arts training from LCA Stage Academy.

-       To provide all staff/volunteers with guidance on our approach to safeguarding and child protection.


LCA Stage Academy believes that a child or young person should never experience abuse of any kind. We have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people and to keep them safe. We are committed to practice in a way that protects them.


We will endeavour to safeguard children and young people by:

      Valuing them, listening to and respecting them

      Adopting child safeguarding guidelines through procedures and a code of conduct for staff and volunteers

      Recruiting staff and volunteers safely ensuring all necessary checks are made

      Sharing information about child safeguarding and good practice with children, parents, staff and volunteers

      Sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know, involving parents and children appropriately

      Providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training 


We are also committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.

Statements about or allegations of abuse or neglect made by children must always be taken seriously.

Roles and responsibilities

Actions to be taken if child protection concerns are identified 

Any concern should be notified to LCA’s director immediately. The director will contact relevant Social Services Department with any concerns raised. Social Services Departments are responsible for investigating any concern and deciding on the course or action. 


Phone: 0300 470 9100. Availability: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Out of hours phone: 01483 517898 to speak to our emergency duty team.

There are five main elements to our policy: 

LCA Stage Academy will therefore: 

We will: 


We recognise that children who are abused or witness violence may find it difficult to develop a sense of self worth. They may feel helplessness, humiliation and some sense of blame. LCA Stage Academy may be the only stable, secure and predictable element in the lives of children at risk. When with us their behaviour may be challenging and defiant or they may be withdrawn. We will endeavour to support the pupil through: 

v See Appendix A for categories of abuse.

v See Appendix B for procedures for suspected child abuse. 



The designated teacher for Child Protection is Mrs Louise Parsons.

At LCA Stage Academy we are committed to ensuring that all our children are cared for, safe and protected. 

-       As part of the Child Protection procedures we are required to be watchful for any signs and /or symptoms of abuse. 

The four categories of abuse are: 

  1. Physical abuse. 
  2. Sexual abuse. 
  3. Emotional abuse. 
  4. Neglect. 



ALL STAFF must be aware of the procedures regarding child abuse. If any performer makes a disclosure to a member of staff they should:- 

The Child Protection Officer will then:- 

-       This may then lead to a formal referral to Social Services and a call home or meeting with the parents.

-       Therefore it is important that we communicate well, but remember confidentiality.

-       Once a referral is made LCA Stage Academy will be asked to write a comprehensive report which may be used at Child Protection Conference or other meetings including the parents. 

(Please read the signs. Sometimes signs of one type of abuse can also be found under another heading) It is important to report and monitor any signs of suspected abuse. 









LCA Enrolment and Video/Photography Consent Policy:


When enrolling to be a performer at LCA Stage Academy, parents complete and return the LCA’s official enrolment form which includes:



All enrolment forms are stored in a folder in a safe place and information is NOT shared with any third parties under the data protection act. Parents are made aware of this. School Leader’s (currently Matt Harris) are provided with an emergency contact list including emergency contact numbers for each performer which they keep stored in their designated folders for any workshops when Louise Parsons is not present. Any members of staff needing to use emergency numbers have been instructed to withhold their numbers before the call and delete numbers used after the call.


LCA Stage Academy’s Video Photography Consent Policy:

A consent form will be needed from all students under the age of 18 years of age. LCA will not include any performers whose parent/guardian has not returned the consent form. By completing the forms, parents/guardians agree that:


• Photographs and videos are only taken with the prior knowledge and consent of the performer and parents.

• Photographs and videos of performers may be used for publications, advertising purposes and on the LCA Stage Academy website, facebook and twitter pages. 

• All photographs and videos are used in an appropriate context.


-       Any outside photographer/videographer who is provided by the academy will be DBS checked and only take pictures/videos of those whose parents/guardians have given consent to do so. A teacher will be present at all times whilst the photographer/videographer is in attendance.

-       Any photographs/videos taken may be used as promotional material for LCA Stage Academy and will not be passed on to a third party except if a photographer/videographer sells show pictures and videos independently.

-       Any pictures/videos may be kept on our database for future advertising and promotional purposes. 

-       Only pictures/videos which have the full consent of the participants and/or parents/guardian will be kept for these purposes.


This policy has been drawn up on the basis of law and guidance that seeks to protect children, namely:


LCA Stage Academy fully recognises its responsibilities for child protection. Our policy applies to all staff, and volunteers working with us.