Light UP

Terms and Conditions


Once you have enrolled via our online portal, an invoice will be sent to you for your half-termly fees and your £30 membership fee and upon payment you will  officially be a member of Light UP.  Your child(ren) will not be permitted to attend classes until the membership fee has been paid. This will secure their place with us and allow your family to access the many benefits of our Light UP membership.


Class fees are to be paid half-termly via an invoice that will be emailed to you. Class fees are not PAYG and are non refundable. We reserve the right to increase class fees in line with inflation, rising hall hire and running costs. Customers will be informed 6 weeks prior to a price increase. If a student decides that they no longer wish to attend their classes with us, we require a minimum of 6 weeks’ written notice during which time fees are to be paid as usual whether the student chooses to attend or not. If there are special circumstances to be considered as to why you are providing notice or unable to attend your remaining session please contact us so we can assist you.


Light UP reserves the right to ask participants to leave the group if they fail to pay class fees, continue to display disruptive behaviour or are disrespectful to other members or equipment. We will always endeavour to run classes at the specified time, date and location as advertised. However, if illness, room hire issues or other unforeseen circumstances mean the class cannot go ahead we will always attempt to rearrange the class, or carry any credit from missed sessions to the next half-term’s fees. No refunds will be provided for participant absences. Weekly attendance is not required to participate but is highly recommended, particularly if you are rehearsing for a performance. If you know your child will be absent or you have a holiday planned, it would be much appreciated if you could let their teacher know so they can plan accordingly. If your child misses 2 or more classes in a row without letting us know, we will be in touch to ensure they are alright and intending to return. 


Unless you have opted into joining our mailing list, you will only receive communication regarding matters relevant to your child's class. Your teacher has an e-mail address if ever there are any issues you would like to discuss with them regarding your child or their class. If you require further assistance regarding billing or other administration concerns, please contact us at in[email protected]

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