Luna Dance Academy

Terms and Conditions


Behaviour Policy 

All members and visitors of the dance studio community are expected to be responsible for their own actions and know how to behave.

Occasionally, parents need to be more directly involved and we believe that by working closely with pupils and parents we can achieve positive results. 

CODY STUDIOS & LUNA DANCE ACADEMY staff are responsible for modelling good behaviour and having high expectations of all children with regard to their behaviour. The studio environment gives clear messages to the children about the extent to which they and their efforts are valued. Praise should be used to encourage good behaviour as well as good work.


Anti-bullying Policy

Cody Studios do not tolerate bullying of any kind and it is expected that parents, and all visitors,  will support Cody Studios in encouraging their children to show respect and support authority.

Any incident of apparent bullying is investigated. 

Department of Education guidance defines bullying as “actions that are meant to be hurtful and which happen on a regular basis. Bullying can be direct or indirect.”

At CODY STUDIOS & LUNA DANCE ACADEMY we are committed to working with staff, pupils, parents and carers to create and maintain a happy, family friendly atmosphere where all forms of bullying will not be tolerated, including when bullying is motivated by prejudice or negative attitudes towards a person’s race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, disability, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation (LGBT).

CODY STUDIOS & LUNA DANCE ACADEMY anti-bullying policy has been developed with due regard for our duties and obligations under existing legislation for the safeguarding and wellbeing of all our pupils and we will take all steps to ensure their safety.

CODY STUDIOS & LUNA DANCE ACADEMY aims to build a feeling of confidence in children and parents so that they know that all reports or suspicions of bullying will be investigated.

CODY STUDIOS & LUNA DANCE ACADEMY aims to equip children with the skills, attitudes and values that will prepare them for adult life. Children who exhibit bullying behaviour may carry it into adult life. Prevention of bullying in order to avoid bullying. 

Equal Opportunities Policy

CODY STUDIOS & LUNA DANCE ACADEMY actively promotes diversity and equal opportunity in all aspects of its work and seeks to prevent discrimination against any individual or group within Cody Studios, on the grounds of racial/ethnic heritages, religious or political belief, socio- economic and marital status, physical attributes, disablement, gender, sexual orientation and age.


Disabilities Policy

CODY STUDIOS & LUNA DANCE ACADEMY recognises that it has clear obligations towards all its students to ensure that they can all afford the opportunity to realise their full potential.

CODY STUDIOS & LUNA DANCE ACADEMY tries to anticipate the needs of all students who join with a disability or special need, or who become impaired during their course of study. The aim is that no one should be disadvantaged in any way.

If students have impairment, or have special requirements, they are encouraged to inform us as soon as possible (usually on the application form). We rely on the parent/student to tell us what is needed. This will give us time to check that we can meet particular needs or, if not, make sure that suitable provision is in place by the time that students arrive. 

This policy embraces the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Date of last review 06 APRIL 2022