Terms and Conditions


At MESH we aim to bring people together who share a common interest.  In doing this we hope to forge lifelong friendships and networks for students who can then develop their interests as they grow.  Classes should be fun for all involved as well as providing high quality education and development.  We are continuously working with our respective associations to further our own knowledge and understanding of our craft as well as looking for innovative ideas for teaching.

We believe in mutual respect for all and request that this is demonstrated by all students, parents, carers and visitors to the school.  To this end we expect the following:

  1. Ensuring you arrive in plenty of time to be ready for when class starts
  2. Keeping noise levels outside class to a minimum
  3. Ensuring children are collected in a timely fashion

We also encourage this ethos within class by discussing any unwanted behaviour as it arises and how this could change to be more positive.  We also enable students to provide constructive feedback to their peers during class to encourage a supportive and accepting environment.

This respect should also extend to our environment to include the spaces in which classes are held as well as our external environment.  To this end we ask that:


The Nitty Gritty

Class Payment

Invoices will be sent termly and payment is due 14 days from invoice date.  Payments are accepted in cash, cheque or bank transfer and details will be on each invoice.  It is possible to split each invoice in to 2 payments by providing a cheque for immediate payment and one post-dated to the second half of the term.  If there are any concerns with payments then please contact the principal to discuss this and we will do our best to work together to ensure the student can maintain their place in class.

Payment will not be refunded for missed classes but students are invited to take a catch-up class at another venue.  If a class has to be cancelled then the cost will be deducted from the following invoice period.  Late payment will incur a 10% administration fee unless agreed with the principal in advance.

We request that you provide 4 weeks notice of any intention to cancel your class membership or that 4 weeks payment is made in lieu of notice.


Class Etiquette

After the first half term we would like students to be wearing the correct uniform for their class.  We believe that, as well as being the most appropriate attire for the activity undertaken, uniform plays an important role in showing unity as a school.  The uniform changes as students move through the grades and we hope that younger children will see the pride the older students’ take in their appearance and their school and aspire to reach that level themselves.

Hair should be neatly groomed and off the face for all classes; this does not have to be a full ballet bun for younger children but a ponytail or plait for longer hair and a secure hairband to keep hair off the face for shorter styles.  This helps reduce distractions and also shows a willingness to engage in the activity.  Older children should be encouraged to learn to groom their own hair and carry appropriate equipment to enable them to do this.  Advice is available on the website on how to achieve a ballet bun for those not so familiar with this style.

We ask that food and drink is not brought in to class, except for a drink of water in a re-sealable bottle which can be placed at the side of the room if required.  Most students should manage a 30 minute class without the need for a drink except in extremely hot weather.  For longer classes, time is given to take a drink and students are not encouraged to leave the dancefloor for a drink at other times without permission from the teacher as this can disrupt the flow of the class.



Your children’s safety is of paramount importance to us in every way.  To this end all teachers are DBS checked and all non-teaching staff will be trained in safeguarding awareness.  Should you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any child in the school please contact the principal or ask to speak to the safeguarding officer.

We also ask that you play a part in safeguarding the children and ensure that young children are not left unsupervised in the waiting areas before class and are collected promptly after class.  If someone else is to collect your child please let the teacher know who to expect.  Please also let the teacher know if you allow your child to walk home alone after class, otherwise they will be kept in class until collected.

During class it is important that students are carrying out techniques in a specific way to ensure it is correct and will not cause injury.  At times physical correction is required to enable the student to learn the correct position.  At these times the teacher will always ask before touching a student.  If you require more information please do contact the principal.


Photography Consent

Photographs and videos of students may be taken during class and used on our website and social media sites.  Please inform the school in writing if you do not wish your child to be included in these images. 

We also take photographs and videos for educational purposes and monitoring progress.  This allows students to see their own technique or performance level and understand corrections.  Images used for monitoring progress will be kept on a secure drive whilst the student is still registered with the school, other educational images will be deleted once viewed in class.  Please inform the school in writing if you do not wish your child to be included in these images. 


Performances and Competitions

During the school year students may be asked to participate in shows or competitions.  As much information as possible will be provided at the outset regarding dates of the event or any extra classes or costs involved.  We ask that you give this information careful consideration before agreeing as it can be very disruptive to classes and costly to the school if people are absent from rehearsals or last-minute changes are required when people pull out of an event.

For dance performances some children may require a performance licence depending on how many other performances they have been involved in during the year.  In this instance MESH Ballet will apply for the licence from the Local Authority on behalf of the child.  A licensed child will require a licensed chaperone, this will again be provided through the school.  Non-licensed children will also require chaperones for any performances and we ask that parents support us in this by volunteering some time to support their children and the school as chaperones during rehearsals and performances.

Any performance by MESH Ballet may be filmed by MESH Film and DVDs / HD USBs will be available for purchase following the performance.  MESH Film may also take portrait photographs of students in costume which may be used for promotion (with permission) and will be available for purchase following the performance.  Agreement to participate in any performance is also an agreement to these conditions.  If you require more information please contact the principal.

Covid Secure Practice

Please also read our Covid Information available on our website at for our Covid Secure processes.


Thank you for reading this information, the completion of your registration is taken as agreement to the above conditions.  We look forward to welcoming you to our MESH community and hope you will be a part of this for many years to come.