Milton Academy Of Dance

Privacy Policy





All registration forms ask for student’s name, date of birth, address, parent’s email and contact telephone and medical details of the student. These are used for:


·      The contact of a parent regarding their child or billing enquires.

·      To notify parents and emergency services relating to a medical emergency at the studio.

·      To book examinations and register students with the relevant council authorities and exam bodies (RAD/ISTD) We cannot enter you/your child for exams without consent to use your data.


·      All information will be held on computers under a password protected cloud file accessed via password by either principal. Emergency contacts details will be held in a folder at the studio in a locked cupboard, for use in emergencies at the studio by the teacher in charge.


·      Mobile phone numbers/messages are secured with password and fingerprint technology.


·      Paper registers are still used to check your child attendance.

Only names will be visible, no other information will be held and only used for attendance and checks should we be evacuated in an emergency.


·      The ISTD and RAD holds student details of name, date of birth and ethnic background for exam pin numbers allocated to each child which forms their identification on the qualification’s framework. The school also holds a copy of pin numbers for each student which come with the results sheets. Once viewed at the studio we will destroy all paper copies and add new pin numbers when necessary to your online registration form.


·      Any information posted on the notice, board is largely generic, only names for exam sessions only will be posted.


·      Our website holds no personal data of any student but holds a brief history of the teacher’s previous experience, all have given prior permission for. Any pictures being used are all with prior permission from a parent/guardian and can be removed if required.


·      Facebook main page is used mainly for publicity which all members are required to approve use of school photos being used. Our members page is a closed group with approval needed to join. This is for parents and student’s safety to post for school members only.


·      All data, emails and personal information we hold will be deleted once no longer at the school. Injury records are held for 3 years as required by law.

·      If anyone has any questions regarding personal data, we hold or would like to opt out from certain data being collected please speak to Miss Michelle.


·      Theses consent forms will also be locked away for future reference, should you wish to update your consent please ask a teacher for a new form, or email your change of consent.


·      See our full GDPR statement on the notice board.


·      All data held will be reviewed every 6 months and you will be notified of any changes.