Milton Academy Of Dance

Terms and Conditions


Parents please note that, after the initial “settling-in” period (normally half a term), fees are payable before the start of the next term  

A half term’s notice of the student’s withdrawal is required, or, alternatively, fees in lieu of notice are payable.



All items should be clearly named, and the school uniform should be worn at all times. 

New pupils have a term in which to acquire the uniform. (Sold at the studio)

Hair should be well-groomed and off the face. Worn in a bun or “plaits over” for the classical classes. Jewellery and loose-fitting tops should not be worn in the studio.

Dance shoes should not be worn outdoors, as dirtied shoes cause damage to our dance floors.

 All items of unclaimed property will be disposed of during the summer holidays.



Regular attendance at classes is obviously vital if true progress is to be attained. 

Please try to be on time for class and stay for the entire lesson.

Physical contact with the student is often necessary in order to demonstrate properly certain movements.

Visits to the toilet should be restricted to periods either before or between classes to minimise disruption.

We regret we are unable to enter into discussions with parents during teaching time but will happily answer any queries if you contact us at home during reasonable hours.



Pupils are entered into examinations based entirely on the teachers’ recommendation. 

We reserve the right to withdraw any candidate from exam entry should the teacher consider it appropriate. 

Examinations / shows are not compulsory.


Food and Drink

Please do not take food or drink into either studio. Water bottles accepted. 

No outdoor shoes to be worn in the studios.


Viewing Classes

Due to a lack of seating space, only parents/guardians will be invited to view their child’s class and see their development and progress in the summer term.



- Classes are currently ‘bubbled ‘ and limited to small groups, this may affect some class times whilst restrictions are in place.

- Students are to be dropped off and collected on time at the door, we have a one way system.

- Should we go back into another lockdown all classes will transfer online on zoom at usual time and days. Emails will be sent with codes.

- Unless we have a prior agreement, fees will transfer to online and no credits will be given. 

-  If the school cancels classes, credit will be applied to your account for future classes. No refunds will be given.


Contact and stay in touch

We have a Facebook page to ‘like’ and a members group Milton Academy of Dance (Members) for all school information and message board. 

The studio runs term time only, with occasional holiday workshops. 

Please respect teachers holiday times when calling or texting.


We hope that, by observing these few rules, the children will continue to develop their dance skills and the school will run smoothly and effectively.