Monnow Ballet School

Terms and Conditions

Being a small ballet school has many advantages but it does mean the following terms and conditions need to be kept to in order to preserve the business. We appreciate your co-operation.

UNIFORM After a student's 2 week trial there is a uniform that needs to be worn

HAIR Long hair should always be tied back into at least a ponytail, preferably into a bun (compulsory from Grade 1 up)

PUNCTUALITY Please do try to be punctual for the start of class so the student does not miss the warm up which is necessary to reduce risk of injury. The child needs to be collected straight away after class so a parent/guardian must be on site at all times or allocate an adult they trust to be there for them.

LEAVING THE STUDIO It is expected all students use the toilet before class. If they need to go during lessons or leave the room for any other reason no responsibility is held by Miss Salmon should they leave the building or not return to class. It is therefore essential a designated adult is always present in the building in case a child needs them.

BEHAVIOUR It is expected and necessary for a student to listen well and behave with respect in every class. If a student cannot manage this Miss Salmon reserves the right to exclude a child from class straightaway with no refunds for classes paid for.

PHYSICAL CONTACT It is sometimes necessary in ballet to physically correct a child's posture/technique so some contact is needed between teacher and student. This is always done with the child's consent if deemed a sensitive area and only done if absolutely necessary.

PAYMENT OF FEES Fees are due the first week of each term. Fees can be paid in cash in a named envelope at class, or sent electronically, always to the same bank account. Even if your child is absent, fees are still due the first week of term. Fees paid after the first week of term are subject to a £5 late payment fee. In the event of a child being absent for two sequential weeks and fees not being paid, Miss Salmon reserves the right to give that place to another child.

NOTICE FOR STOPPING CLASS 6 weeks notice is required for stopping class. If this falls over a new term the remaining weeks must be paid for.

CANCELLED CLASSES In the event of classes being cancelled by Miss Salmon, for whatever reason but usually illness or severe weather, she will offer alternative dates or refund the class. Refunds are only given if alternative dates have not been offered; if you have been offered an alternative date and can not attend, refunds are not given.

TERM DATES AND CLASS TIMES Miss Salmon reserves the right to change term dates and class times.