Motion Dance Academy

Terms and Conditions

A Registration Form must be completed for every child who enrols for classes. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure Motion Dance Academy are notified immediately of any changes. Once a child is enrolled in a class the space is reserved and you are liable for a full terms fees. Fees are payable termly. A registration fee of £15 is charged per student. For this you will receive a Motion Dance Printed T-shirt and Motion Dance Printed bag. Please see our price list for current prices. Fees are payable termly. Full Payment should be paid by the end of the first week of term. New enrolments that sign up on the day of trial will receive 20% discount off their term fee.

Your space is reserved within your class from term to term, those not wishing to continue must give 6 weeks notice.Full Payment should be paid by the end of the first week of term. Any spare places which have not been booked by the end of the first class of term, may be given to new pupils. If fees remain unpaid by the second class of term, a £5 surcharge will be applied. If fees remain unpaid by the third class of term, your child will not be able to join the class. (Special arrangements can be made if you discuss any issues with Miss Mollie in advance.) Termly fees vary based on how many classes in the term. Any increase in class fees will be notified to you by email at least one term in advance of any increased fee being implemented. Payment can be made:  By Card, direct debit or By bank transfer: Name: Miss M J Kilpatrick, Sort Code: 070246, Account number: 48413008 (Please put dancers name /family name for reference). You can also pay by giving Miss Mollie exact money cash in a sealed envelope with the amount and your child’s name written on it.

Discounts are available for Children attending multiple disciplines of dance, please enquire for further pricing information.
No refunds will be given due to not being able to attend class, except under exceptional circumstances and at Miss Mollie’s discretion. If we have to cancel a class that you have paid for, we aim to offer another class instead (this is usually done by extending the term by one further week). Otherwise we will credit you with a class for the following term’s fees. PLEASE NOTE: Motion Dance Academy have a 6 week cancellation policy. Please notify Motion Dance Academy by email or in writing if your son/daughter is not intending on returning. Motion Dance Academy reserves the right to move all classes to online delivery. As much notice of this as possible will be given.

We aim to keep class times constant for all pupils but sometimes, changing a class time and/or venue is unavoidable. We aim to give a 1/2 term’s notice of such changes. If, however, we have to change a class time/venue at short notice and your child has to leave the class because of this, the rule for notice period (above) will be waived as appropriate.

We do take photos and video footage of the children/adults from time to time and use it to help with marketing for the school. The photos may be used on our website and/or social media. Please indicate clearly on the registration form when enrolling in a class if you do not allow us to take such photos of yourself or your child.

Code of conduct: Children should arrive promptly, correctly dressed and attend classes regularly. If hair is long enough to do so it should be tied back in a bun, French plait or similar. Fringes should be pinned back off of the face. Children should wear the correct uniform for class. New pupils may attend no more than their first 3 classes with incorrect uniform. Details of uniform requirements and current uniform ordering process is available on request from Miss Mollie, or see our website HereStudents participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform the staff of any existing injuries or medical conditions. During class, children are expected to listen and focus and we discourage any unnecessary talking, most of the time. (Although there will be times when the atmosphere is more relaxed). If a child is causing disruption, they may be asked to leave the lesson. You/your children are responsible for your/your children’s belongings. We request you name items of uniform. Although we will store any lost property that we find after class, we cannot be liable for lost or damaged property. In accordance with GDPR no records or information will be passed to a third party and all information will be deleted upon your child leaving the school. (Full GDPR details can be found at

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions 

COVID: From January 2021, we will introduce Covid-19 infection prevention measures as follows: (These are subject to change as official advice changes.)

1. Children will be socially distanced from each other throughout class, and from the teacher.

2. For classes, there will be markings on the floor showing areas in which each child may dance. For older children, we will ensure they understand they must stay apart.

3. Hand sanitiser will be given to children to use at the start of each class. There will be further hand sanitiser available at the entrance to the hall, for you and your children to use as you wish.

4. We will clean barres between classes, and doors / door handles. Door to hall will be propped open between classes so that children/parents do not need to touch the door.

5. If we do any exercises sitting on the floor, we will use hand sanitiser immediately afterwards.

6. I would request that you respect each other’s space while waiting for children inside the building, and if there are several parents waiting then it may be better to wait outside or in your car. If you are concerned about this please do speak to Miss Mollie in advance.

7. Toilet facilities will be available at our studio as usual and cleaning materials including antibacterial sprays and wipes will be in each toilet. Please leave toilets and sinks as clean as you found them.

8. Temperature check will be compulsory for all parents and students entering the studio.

9. Please do not come to class if you are experiencing symptoms of a persistent cough, fever (temperature of 37.8 or above) or a loss of taste/smell.

Teachers will always avoid coming to face to face with a child in close proximity. We will always ensure children are staggered at the barre and do not face each other closely. Safety will remain at the forefront of our minds at all times.