MTC Dance

Terms and Conditions

The following information is a breakdown of all of our policies. Please familiarize yourself and your child with this information. If you have any questions concerning any of our policies do not hesitate to contact us.


Hip Hop classes run for students Aged 3 up to adults on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons after school. Classes run during school terms, right up until the end of year concert, which is usually held in term 4. Class sizes are limited to a specified number appropriate to the age group of each class, anyone enrolling after this number will go on a waiting list and will be notified if a student withdraws or if another class opens up. 


We aim to have a friendly, safe, positive, family-like atmosphere with teachers and leaders to help each dancer develop into the best that he or she can and WANTS to be. From time to time, our teachers must make decisions whereby certain students are chosen for solos, advanced groups or special parts. These decisions are not easily made and are thought out carefully. The parents and teachers must work together to help students understand that not all students can be chosen for all things. We want our students to be happy and supportive of each other. It is our intention to teach the students to learn from each other and to be motivated by each other.


New students may observe a class for free, but cannot participate unless the registration has been completed and a trial class has been agreed upon. A trial class costs $14 and can be deducted from the remaining term fees. Concluding the trial class, the student must then be registered and on the teacher’s class list before they are able to continue in that class. This can be done by notifying the director/ teacher in person or through text that the student wishes to continue with the class. Unless agreed upon with the director, students are not permitted to start classes after week 4 of term as it disrupts the class and dance. If class numbers permit then the student may commence in the following term. 


There will be auditions held throughout the term for these classes. A selection of students will then be selected and asked to participate in the Performance Crew teams which will be a group that can be extended, and be a performance and leadership team. The cost of this class is discounted if the student is already participating in another class. If this is the only class that the student is enrolled in, then regular fees apply. 


Regular attendance to class is MANDATORY. If your child is excessively absent for any reason, they may not be allowed to participate in our end of year performance. Excessive is defined as missing more than 5 classes in the term. Attendance in the months of September, October, and November is important in order for proper preparation for our end of year performance, therefore every effort should be made to avoid missing a class. Students should avoid missing consecutive dance classes. Teachers unfortunately cannot slow the pace of their class to accommodate a student who does not attend class regularly. Every year, the dancer who attends class regularly performs the best and excels at a steady pace. One absent dancer not only hurts the progress of the individual, it also inhibits the progress of the entire class. Please use common sense about sickness and colds. If you need to miss class, please text or call MTC dance on 0403 418 222 to inform the Director. 


Students should arrive NO MORE than 15 minutes prior to the start of class, unless given permission to do so. Our instructors have many duties to tend to prior to beginning a class or may be teaching another class; therefore they will not be responsible for any child who is dropped off more than 15 minutes before class. Our group dance lesson policy is “better late then never,” however, the school reserves the right to have a student who comes more than 20 minutes late to class to sit out of the class.


No refunds or credits are given for missed lessons unless absence is due to serious illness and notice has been given to the director.  Students who are over 10 years old are responsible to catch up on the missed class/es through learning the previous missed dance moves. This can be done, by arranging to meet a teacher, or another student before class commences, and learn the moves then. 


After school classes do not run during the school holidays or public holidays. Parents will be notified at the start of each term, of any other dates that dance classes will not be occurring.


If the school must cancel classes due to extreme weather or events beyond our control, classes will be cancelled and credit will be given/ discounted from the next terms fees or a catch-up class will be issued.


•Honesty and Integrity is expected.

•Students must demonstrate respect for teachers/ leaders at all times. Students are not permitted to chat to each other during class. If disrespect is shown to a staff member or other student, the student will be warned. 

•Arrive on time for class to avoid disruption to other students and it is recommended that students arrive at the studio before the start of class to allow time to prepare for class 

•Junior students are not to leave the studio/premises without a parent/guardian and must be signed in/out every lesson.

•Respect should be shown to all students.  No bullying, gossip or isolation of other students.

•Put rubbish in the bins and clean up after yourself.

•Respect and care for studio costumes, equipment, facilities etc.

•MTC dance reserves the right to ask any student to leave the school for inappropriate behaviour.


Students are expected to be on their best behaviour at all times. Dancers must treat all staff, volunteers and peers with respect and a positive attitude. Staff at MTC dance use positive reinforcement to help prevent behaviour problems. Reception- year 5 classes receive stickers on their sticker charts as an incentive for good behaviour. Older kids are encouraged, and given individual attention, to help prevent frustration and other unwanted behaviours. Excessive talking or other misbehaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the student being asked to observe class instead of participating. Students will be given 2 warnings if they are not doing the right thing, on the third warning they will sit on the ‘no fun chair’ until asked to rejoin the group. In extreme cases parents will be notified to pick up their child. All students must respect the structure and teaching style of all instructors. 


Students are required to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing to classes, nothing revealing or inappropriate. MTC dance merchandise is available for purchase at different times of the year and is encouraged to be worn to dance and MTC events. MTC dance merchandise is not a mandatory part of our uniform. Shoes are also not compulsory but are encouraged to be worn as it provides better ankle support and assists in avoiding injuries. These shoes include high tops, canvas shoes, and runners.


We ask that all students bring a labelled drink bottle to class every week and remember to take it home with them. We will no longer be allowing students to use the kitchen (unless it is to fill up your own drink bottle). If your child forgets, they will unfortunately miss out.


NO FOOD is allowed (except in the front entrance & the kitchen). Food found beyond that point will be DISPOSED OF.  We try to keep our studio clean and it takes everyone cleaning up after themselves to make that happen. Dancers are expected to clean up after themselves in the foyer and studio.  Do not leave garbage on tables; chairs or on the floor. Please use the bin in the front foyer. No chewing gum is allowed. If students do not clean up after themselves then they will be banned from eating any food on the premises.


Students are not permitted to be on the stage without permission. Students are NEVER allowed to touch any stereo equipment, musical instruments or speakers.  Any damage caused by a student to equipment or property will be the responsibility of the parents to replace. 


There are 2 toilets available within the building. They are down the corridor, when you turn right at the front entrance. They are designated for students and children.  There is NO food allowed in Bathrooms. Our plumbing is delicate and cannot handle Feminine Hygiene products, lolly wrappers, paper towel or excessive toilet paper. Students are to respect the property and leave it as they found it i.e. no smearing of soap on the mirrors. If students are found to be disrespecting the property then consequences will apply. If students need to use the toilets during class time they need to ask the teacher or leaders first, so they are aware of their absence.  


MTC dance is not responsible/liable for any personal injuries or lost property. There will be a lost property tub in the foyer throughout the term and students/ parents are responsible to look through it and claim any items that belong to them. The items left in the lost property box at the end of the term will be taken to the local opp shop.  


•Parents are responsible for their children on MTC dance premises. 

•Honesty and Integrity is expected.

•Parents to demonstrate respect for MTC staff at all times. If disrespect is shown to a staff member, the family may be asked to leave. 

•Parents to please respect and follow the advice and direction provided by teachers and are supportive of their children’s efforts.  

•Appreciate that children participate in dance for their own enjoyment


Students in the Reception-Yr 2 class & the Yr 3-5 class will need to be signed in every week by their parents or guardian, upon arrival and signed out upon pick up. The sign in/sign out sheet will be in the foyer and is MANDATORY. Please allocate yourself and one other carer (over the age of 18) who can sign your child in/out. Notify the Director if someone else will be collecting your child.  STUDENTS ARE NOT TO SIGN themselves in.


It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of all MTC dance activities, such as rehearsals, extra classes, and the dates the school is open or closed. The parents will give the school their mobile number to text all such notices home. MTC will also post all notices on the communication board and it will be in the term newsletter. It is the parent’s responsibility to regularly check their mobile, newsletter and these boards to ensure they are informed. It is the responsibility of the parents or adult students to inform MTC of any email, address or phone number change.


Parents of younger students (reception-yr. 5 classes) are welcome to watch class by sitting at the back of the studio for their first lesson or 2. After this parents are welcome to sit in the  waiting room or front foyer but are not allowed to remain in the studio (unless given permission from the Director), as we want concert items to remain a surprise for parents. We also don’t want students to be distracted by other people in the studio. Please refrain from distracting your child or talking loudly to other parents as this makes it difficult for the teachers and students. Please save conversations for outside of the studio in order for class to operate smoothly. Parents may chat with other parents in the front foyer. At no time is a parent allowed to interrupt a class.  PLEASE SILENCE YOUR MOBILE PHONE. Should the student need to leave class early, make arrangements with the teacher ahead of time or ask another MTC leader to remove your child from the studio. Please make sure that all small children are not disruptive. Feel free to take photos and videos of your dancer; however, please remain in your seat so class is not disrupted. Should any parent/student want to use video or choreography for applications outside of MTC dance they MUST request a written consent from MTC dance, as it is the sole property of MTC dance. Also, students and parents must not place any routine on any website including YouTube, face book or any other social media without written consent.


MTC dance is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. The play area may be used by younger children/siblings if supervised by parent or carer and the area MUST BE LEFT in the same condition that it was found i.e. toys put away, chairs straightened etc. Failure to do so will mean that the play area will be off limits. Please pick up your child promptly when class is over. Older students may arrive early to stretch and prepare for class, however they must behave appropriately, and remain quiet in the front foyer at all times and will NOT be directly supervised. 


We will be texting, emailing & sending home a few notices with your child throughout the year at different times.  Also refer to the MTC dance Facebook page for additional information. In the event of notes being lost in the dance bag or misplaced at home, we will have copies available of all handouts in the lobby. We will also be communicating with you through a communication board that will be in the lobby. Notes and relevant information will be updated frequently. Please be checking the board when you drop off or pick up your child every week. A newsletter will be sent out every term also.


The parking lot and other outside areas are NOT playgrounds. Parents must monitor their children when they are outside of the studio. Please note- parents/carers are responsible for their children in this area at all times. They should only be outside when coming to class or leaving class.


Online registration needs to be filled out per student before they commence classes . If contact or personal details change throughout the year, then it is your responsibility to notify the Director to update the information. Enrollment will generally take place the week before term 1 commences every year. An early bird discount of 10% applies if the term is paid in full before the end of week 2. 


Tuition fees are due before the end of each term and can be made through EFTPOS,a direct debit payment. We have moved to a cashless system (registration day being the only exception). Dance tuition fees must be paid in full and are dependant upon how many weeks in the dance term. If paid in full, in the first two weeks then a 10% discount applies and classes work out to be $13 a week i.e. an 10-week term will be $130 instead of $140. Classes will be $14 per week after the first two weeks. Weekly payments are an exception and optional if discussed with the Director first, and only in certain circumstances. A trial class is $14. Any payment received after the 7-day grace period are subject to a late fee.  Termly invoices are emailed out after week 2 of every term. Late payments will receive another invoice and if fees are still not paid after this date then students will be unfortunately unable to participate until the term fees are paid in full or a payment plan is agreed upon. Please discuss with the Director if there is any financial difficulties, and a payment plan can be arranged. Once classes have begun, all tuition fees are non-refundable. 


The first two students will submit a regular dance fee payment, and then a 10% discount will apply if there are three or more siblings enrolled from the same immediate family. This discount will not apply to early bird registration students (in the first 2 weeks of term) due to the discount already being given.


If a student has enrolled in more than 1 class i.e. the Lyrical and Hip Hop class, then a discounted rate applies to the second/ third class.


We require at least 7 days notice to discontinue any classes. Withdrawals may be done in person, over the phone, text or email. It is your responsibility to notify the director of your decision to withdraw your child. Non-Attendance does NOT constitute withdrawal notice or adequate reason for not paying tuition. Once classes begin, tuition is non-refundable or transferable and credits are not issued except in special circumstances.  MTC dance does reserve the right to terminate lessons to any student. In such a case a refund for unused lessons will be given.


Parents, carers and guardians of students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on or off-site resulting from normal dance activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during or after class time.