MyBallet Academy

Privacy Policy



MyBallet Academy (MBA) places the utmost importance on safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of all data concerning its students. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the European GDPR laws implemented since May 2018, MBA is obligated to clarify its data handling procedures, ensuring transparency and accountability in the management of personal information.

Data handling statement

MBA is committed to the following principles in the handling of your data:

1.   Under no circumstances will MBA share personal information with any external marketing organization.

2.   MBA will not disclose or obtain personal information without your explicit consent.

3.   When contacting you by phone, MBA will always identify itself accurately.

Types of information collected and stored

MBA collects and stores the following information:

1.   Name and contact details of students and their next of kin.

2.   Date of birth, previous training, and costume sizes for performance-related purposes.

3.   Relevant medical conditions that may affect a student's participation, including necessary care instructions.

4.   Any personal details provided by you via our website or in writing.

Data usage

The collected data is used for the following purposes:

1.   Student registration and administration.

2.   Communication with parents regarding registration, fees, purchases, and any pertinent updates or cancellations.

3.   Management of illness or emergency situations.

4.   Coordination of shows and productions.

GDPR compliance

MBA adheres to the eight principles of the GDPR:


1.   Fair and lawful processing of data.

2.   Data collected only for specific lawful purposes.

3.   Data processed in a manner that ensures security and protection.

4.   Data relevance and limitation to necessary information.

5.   Ensuring data accuracy and timely updates.

6.   Data retention limited to necessary timeframes.

7.   Upholding data subjects' rights under the Data Protection Act.

8.   Maintaining secure data processing procedures and prohibiting data transfer to non-EEA countries.

All MBA staff and data processors are obliged to comply with these principles and maintain strict confidentiality of all information as part of their employment or contractual agreement.

Rights of data subjects

You, as a data subject, hold the following rights:

1.   Access to the information provided to MBA at any time through our portal.

2.   Rectification of any incorrect or misleading information through our portal.

3.   The right to object to MBA's data processing methods.

4.   The right to withdraw your data and object to any future contact immediately.

Website and Media usage

MBA collects information via its website solely for online purchases and trial class bookings with your voluntary consent. All information provided will be deleted upon your request. Data related to online purchases is retained for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Photographs and videos may be used for promotional purposes, including local publications, the MBA website, and social media platforms.

By registering with MBA, you give your consent for the collection of such media. You may withdraw this consent at any time.

Privacy policy review

MBA regularly reviews its privacy policies and practices. Please notify MBA of any changes or additional data to ensure a secure and harmonious learning environment for all our students and their families. We value your trust and confidence in our school and are committed to upholding the privacy and integrity of your data.