MyBallet Academy

Terms and Conditions



1.        Fees are payable every 6 weeks upon receipt of invoice.

2.        Fees are due on and no later than the first class of the ½ term (6 weeks).

3.        Pupils are expected to attend all classes. No refund will be given for missed classes (other than clause 10 below)However, pupils can make up for missed classes within the same term.

4.        Pupils will not be admitted in class if any payment is outstanding at the start of term.

5.        Your first class with MyBallet Academy being a trial class, there is no obligation (trial class: £5). However, if you want to continue with the class, payment must be made upon receipt of your invoice from this original trial class on a prorated basis.

6.        Payment plan is available upon written request.

Late payment

7.        The payer will receive both verbal and written notice if payment is late.

8.        MyBallet Academy reserves the right to refuse a child’s participation to the class if fees are outstanding.

Attendance & register

9.        A register is maintained for the purpose of health and safety and to record pupils’ attendance.

10.    In case of a medical condition or illness that prevents attendance for more than 4 consecutive classes, fees paid for those missed classes will be carried forward to the following term on presentation of a medical certificate.


11.    MyBallet Academy reserves the right to ask pupils to leave the class if any fees remain outstanding after the start of term.

12.    Pupils wishing to discontinue with classes must give a term’s notice (3 weeks minimum) in writing, only on this circumstance a refund for any pre-paid fees can be made.


Payments for classes can be made by Bank Transfer (see details on your invoice) or by Credit/Debit Card directly from your emailed invoice. Payments must be made no later than the first class of term. To secure a place, payment can be made as soon as you receive your invoice. Please note that places are allocated on first paid first served basis; existing pupils risk losing their place if payment is not made by the first day of term.

How fees work

vAll returning pupils must pay the Full ½ Term’s fees (6 weeks) by the first class of term. (Only new starters may pay on prorated basis)

vWe offer a “first come first served” policy. Our classes being popular, your early payment insures a place for your child in the class of your choice.

vShould you have your Credit/Debit cards details in our system, 3 days before fees are due, payment will be automatically taken unless you disable the Autopay in your Portal’s profile.

Registration procedure

vAt the end of each 6 weeks ½ term, you are sent an invoice. Should you wish to carry on with your classes, full payment must be done by the first class of the ½ term (6 weeks).

vShould you not be able to attend classes at the beginning of the term, full fees are still due and missed class(s) can be made up during the same term.


MyBallet Academy may cancel classes without notice if they fail to attract a viable number of pupils. Full refund for classes cancelled will be made in these circumstances.