Park Street Performing Arts Centre

Privacy Policy

Please read the following information to help you understand how your data is used within our organisation.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Ø  Why we keep your information and contact details?

When you join Park Street, we will ask you to complete a registration form.  We ask for your contact details, so we can inform you of class cancellations, adverse weather, time changes, events etc.  If a child student is unwell we will contact, you to collect them.  Any medical information will only be used to ensure your safety when participating in classes and in case of an emergency we have vital details to pass onto the emergency services if required.  We will never ask you for any financial information.  Payments you make to our company and through our card provider or bank we do not handle or store any of your financial data.   

Ø  How we will contact you?

We contact our customers by phone, text message and email.  If a class is cancelled or a session changed we will call you, if fees are due, or reminders of up coming events we will send text reminders.  We send newsletters and reminders to you from class.

Ø  How we store your information?

Your details are handled by administrators within the company, we program customer telephone numbers into our work mobile phone which is protected by a password.  Your membership forms are checked any relevant medical information is disclosed to the class teacher and then the forms are filled and kept in a locked unit.  We use a software program Class Manager the company in fully compliant with GDPR.    

Ø  Do we share your details with anyone else? 

We do not share your details with any other companies.  If you enter dance examinations only your full name and date of birth is given to the appropriate exam body.

Ø  How you can find information, news, updates and how to contact us?

Office: 01482 222452                                         

Twitter: @parkstreethull

Email: [email protected]              


Instagram: @parkstreethull         

Facebook: @parkstreethull

Park Street will not disclose your information to third parties except where the law requires, or where you have given your permission to do so. Our client's details are being stored with Class Manager and are fully compliant with GDPR. Class Manager: full name of customer and pupil, home address, DOB, medical issues, email address, mobile and/or landline number If you no longer wish to continue to be a customer at Park Street, we will archive your details in case you wish to return in the future. If you wish for your details to be fully deleted, please notify us via email at [email protected]