Pinnacle Dance Academy (ABN 61 578 557 109)

Terms and Conditions

Policies and Terms Of Agreement

1. Enrolment:​ Dancers pay a non-refundable fee of $50.00 per year for their registration. This cost covers Personal accident insurance, administration fees and music costs. Registration fees will be invoiced as soon as possible when we receive your completed and signed enrollment form. Payment of registration is required to secure your child/children's place in the program.

2. Fees:​ Fees are per term and accounts MUST be paid within the site date outlined on the invoice. Payment is by cash, direct deposit or debit/credit card. Fees outstanding after 14 days from the date of invoice will incur a $10.00 late fee. If you are unable to pay fees within the above period, please contact us to discuss. If any fees are unpaid for a period in excess of 30 days from the date of invoice, Pinnacle Dance Academy reserves the right to: exclude the student from attending classes, performances and concerts; and take debt recovery proceedings at the expense of the customer.
3. Teaching Weeks per Term: Term 1: 9 weeks, Terms 2,3 and 4: 10 weeks. As Term 1 has one less teaching week.
4. Missed Classes:​ Unfortunately we are unable to refund missed classes. However, dancers are welcome to make these classes up in any recreation class for their age group. To organise a make up class, please see reception or contact us. Make up classes must be used in the same term as class/classes missed and cannot be made up through private lessons or specialty item costs.
5. Communication:​ It is the parent's responsibility to read relevant newsletters, information and updates issued via email to the email address provided at the time of enrolment. Please notify us of changes to your contact details.
6. Watching Class: We have a closed door policy for the safety of our staff and students and to avoid distractions. However if you wish to watch a class please arrange a time with Owner/Director Brittany. Alternatively, during the last week of each term (except term 4), all Parents/guardians are given the opportunity to watch classes and view the student’s progress.
7. Child Collection:​ We ask that parents/guardians take full responsibility for supervision before and after their child's class. For safety reasons, we ask that parents/guardians of younger students arrive 5 minutes prior to the completion of their class. We ask that all children aged 10 years or younger please be picked up from inside the hall and we encourage other students to wait in the hall for their parent/guardian to arrive. Please contact our reception staff to notify us if you are running late for pick up.
8. Working With Children: Your child's safety is of the utmost importance to us and all Pinnacle Staff members are required to undergo a police check and hold current blue cards for working with children.
9. Class Numbers:​ If enrolment numbers fall below the viable number, Pinnacle Dance Academy reserves the right to cancel, shorten or transfer any class at their discretion. In the event a class is cancelled fees will be refunded pro rata.
10. Uniform:​ All students must adhere to the Pinnacle Dance Academy dress regulations, be suitably groomed and be ready for their class 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Pinnacle Dance Academy has a set uniform which is outlined in our information pack and must be worn at each class.

11. Lost Property:​ Whilst all reasonable measures are taken to ensure the security of your child’s belongings whilst attending class, Pinnacle Dance Academy cannot be held responsible for any misplaced or stolen property. Please ensure your child's belongings are clearly labeled. A Lost and Found box can be located at our reception desk during opening hours.

12. Photography:​ At times, students may be photographed or filmed during classes, rehearsals and performances for promotion of the dance academy. Images or videos Pinnacle Dance Academy posts as advertising may be shared by parents on their personal account. Any other photos of videos of students or especially competition choreography may not be uploaded or shared by parents of students unless given approval by class teacher and owner.

13. Costume Payments:​ A non-refundable deposit for end of year concert costumes are due at the beginning of Term 3, with the balance payable in full by end of Term 3. All costume payments are non-refundable and costumes must be paid in full before they will be handed out. Costumes will not be ordered in cases of overdue accounts unless prior arrangement has been made with Owner/Director Brittany. Troupe Dancers will also be required to purchase a costume for their competition routine/s. Hip Hop troupes will purchase one costume and our Jazz/Lyrical troupe will purchase two. Pinnacle Dance Academy aims to source costumes that are not only beautiful but age appropriate, flattering and affordable for all dancers.

14. Additional Training:​ To ensure all dancers are ready for performances and competitions dancers may need to attend extra training sessions. Parents and dancers will be made aware of these in advance.
15. Attendance:​ To ensure your child receives the full benefit of their classes, we ask that all students attend every class. Please see our missed lessons policy (Item 3) for more information.
16. Contacting Staff:​ Our staff request that dancers and families only contact our staff through our business facebook page, phone or email. We have also put into place other communication methods available in our 2020 Information Pack. We ask that dancers or families do not contact teachers or staff on their personal phone or facebook. For any questions or in the case of emergency please contact Brittany.
17. Social Media Policy:​ Any slander or derogatory comments made by parents or students (past or present) about Pinnacle Dance Academy will not be tolerated and legal action will be sought.
18. Behaviour: We are committed to making our classes a fun and productive environment. All students, parents and guardians are expected to behave in an appropriate manner. Negative or inappropriate behaviour toward staff, students or families will not be tolerated. 19. No Bullying Policy:​ Pinnacle Dance Academy has a strict ‘No Bullying Policy’. Any form of verbal, physical or cyber bullying will not be tolerated. Issues regarding bullying are to be discussed with Pinnacle Owner/Director Brittany Ryan immediately. Any parties found to be involved in bullying another athlete may face suspension with no refund of fees.
20. Mobile Phone Policy:​ To prevent distraction, students are required to have their phones switched to silent or off and in their bags whilst in class. If you require to contact your child whilst in class please contact studio reception.
21. Grievances:​ We are committed to continual improvement in all areas of our dance program and business. We welcome your feedback (positive or negative) to help shape the future of Pinnacle Dance Academy. We ask that any issue that may arise be discussed with Pinnacle Owner/Director Brittany Ryan so that a timely positive outcome can be reached for all parties.

22. Teacher Consultations:​ We understand that during the term you may have questions or wish to discuss your child's progress. To allow classes to run to time, we ask that you refrain from discussing this with teachers during or in between classes. If you would like an update on how your child is performing or have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us via email, and the relevant teacher will reply or organize an appropriate time to speak with you.

23. Injury/illness: Pinnacle Dance Academy requires a doctors’ clearance letter from athletes who have been away from training due to injury or major illness.

Account Payment Agreement

I understand that there are four (4) terms in each year and term fees are payable each term, strictly within 14 days of issue of invoices. I acknowledge that late payments will incur a $10.00 late fee unless I have entered into another arrangement. Should Pinnacle Dance Academy have to take debt recovery action against me, I agree to indemnify Pinnacle Dance Academy for any such costs involved in debt collection such as legal fees, collection agency fees etc.

Images and Video Agreement

I understand that Pinnacle Dance Academy produces promotional material about the program. I understand that my son/daughter may be included in the video or photography taken. I hereby grant Pinnacle Dance Academy, sponsors, and any television networks the exclusive right to photograph and/or videotape my son/daughter and further to utilize my son/daughter's name, face, likeness, voice, and appearance as part of the program, and in advertising and promotion of the program. If you do not wish to have their images used in publications, social media, advertising, or promotions you must notify us in writing.

Liability Release Form

I acknowledge and understand the nature of physical activities, I understand accidents and/or physical injury may occur. I agree to participate at my own risk. I agree to release and hold harmless all parties involved including Brittany Ryan and Pinnacle Dance Academy. Including any and all staff members from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future. I will not hold Brittany Ryan or Pinnacle Dance Academy as a whole or its staff liable for any personal injury, catastrophic injury of any personal property damage of loss which may occur on the premises before, during or after classes.

By completing this form and signing below, I/We agree willingly to the above terms and conditions on behalf of myself and/or my child.