Pointe Dynamic Arts

Terms and Conditions



1.                 Parents/Guardians and students need to be aware that enrolment at Pointe Dynamic Arts is a commitment for the whole year, divided in to 4 terms between the 31st of Jan to the 16th of Dec 2022.

2.                 Participation in the End of Year showcase on the 10/11th of December is compulsory for all students, please advise us in writing by the commencement of Term 2 if you will not be in attendance for the Showcase. Students not taking part in the showcase are still able to participate in classes, we ask in advance so absences can be accounted for in the choreography and purchasing of costumes.

3.                 Students are to attend class each week, except in cases of illness or serious personal matters; please inform us by phone/SMS if a student is to be absent from class.

4.                 Students are expected to be punctual, please arrive no more than 5 min before your class.

5.                 Lateness is disruptive to the class and other students, and warm up at the beginning of class is essential to ensure the students are physically prepared to participate safely in class.

6.                 If a student does not attend class and we have not received any notice a courtesy SMS will be sent so that we can make sure all students are accounted for.

7.                 If a student is to discontinue classes or change classes notification in writing with 2 weeks notices of the finishing date.

8.                 Attendance at all scheduled rehearsals, events and performances is compulsory.


1.   Tuition is invoiced per term, payments can be made by direct debit or deposit. Fees apply for direct debit and/or credit card payments.

2.   There is an additional cost for the end of year productions of $80/family and between $40 and $80 per costume per class. These will be divided in to three payments over the Term Two, Three and Four invoices and is non-refundable if a student changes or discontinues classes.

3.   If a student is to discontinue class’s part way through the term, two weeks written notice must be given.

4.   Fees will not be refunded for non-attendance on the student’s part or if they discontinue classes before the end of term. If a class is cancelled due to a teacher being unavailable a makeup class will be arranged, or refund offered for that class.

5.   Pointe Dynamic Arts holds the right to refuse service if invoices are more than 2 weeks overdue until paid. A $10 admin fee will also be added to the total of your invoice for every additional 2 weeks the invoice remains unpaid.


1.                 All enquiries, concerns and questions are to be sent to the director, Mrs Monique E Barrios or reception.

2.                 If you have been unable to contact the director or reception and need to get a message to a teacher (e.g. Early pick up, injury etc.) please send a signed note with the student to hand in on arrival.

3.                 Our class time is dedicated to the students getting the most out of every class, if you are needing to speak to a teacher or would like feedback on your child progress, please leave a message with the director or reception to arrange a meeting time outside of class hours.

4.                 Only Staff and students are permitted enter the studio teaching space during class times unless invited to do so (e.g. Open Week, Costume assistance etc.). Drop off and pick up is to be at the designated zones outside the studio in line with Covid Safe requirements, this will be outlined in an email before classes commence with the latest updates.

5.                 While there is a class on please keep noise levels in the reception/waiting area to a minimum, as it is disruptive to the learning of the other students and to our neighbours.

6.                 No food or drink other than water is permitted during class time. Students with multiple classes in one day may bring a healthy snack for between classes (NO JUNK FOOD). As we have students with serious allergies, please pack a NUT FREE snack.

7.                 Pointe Dynamic Arts will send email updates and SMS reminders of important events/dates. Be sure to read all information provided to keep up to date with the latest news at the studio. These will also be posted on our Parent Portal, so you will always have important information at hand.

8.                 Pointe Dynamic Arts creates a fun, safe and friendly learning environment. Bullying or any other kind of disrespectful behaviour from students and/or their families will not be tolerated and can result in suspension or expulsion from the studio.

9.                 If for any reason you or your child have any concerns with classes at Point Dynamic Arts please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.


1. Students are to be dropped off/picked up at the studio side door for afternoon classes. Morning classes are permitted to have 1 parent, guardian or career accompany them to class. The parent, guardian or nominated persons taking any student must adhere to this policy always.

2.                 Any individual including students outside of the studio or in the waiting areas are not responsibility of Pointe Dynamic Arts. Please ensure your child is picked up and dropped off on time, friends or siblings are not to be left at the studio while waiting for students to finish classes.

3.                 No student under the age of 13 will be permitted to leave the studio alone or without being picked up by a parent guardian or nominated persons. Please do not wait in the car park, you must come in to collect your child.


4.                 If your child has permission to walk or ride to and from the studio or someone other than the nominated persons is to be taking your child/children to and from the studio please advise us in advance in writing.

5.                 Senior students are permitted to go to the shops on their breaks to get dinner, written permission from the parents must be given to do so and students are not permitted to leave the studio after 6pm.

5. Dance, Drama and Singing classes are a physical activity, and it may be required for a teacher to engage in contact to enable correct alignment or to perform first aid. All teachers, staff and volunteers of Pointe Dynamic Arts have the new Working with Children Check that began in NSW from July 2013.  (You can find further details in our studio Child Protection Policy on the parent Portal)


1.                 The calendar of events for 2022 will be available after the 31st Jan 2022. Please note that changes and additions can and may occur due to unforeseen circumstances be made to the calendar as the year progresses. If this becomes the case for an event or class, you or your child/children are involved in you will be advised with as much notice as possible.

2.                 As a part of our “Going Green” policy all newsletters, notes and reminders are digital. To ensure you receive all newsletters and updates please keep an eye on your emails or check the parent portal.


1.                 Presentation is an essential part of performing arts training, a life skill as well as for safety. All students must adhere to the studio uniform and presentation requirements for all classes.

2.                 Long hair is to be slicked back and off the face for all classes and is required to be in a ballet bun for classical ballet classes.

3.                 Short hair must be off their face, ties back if possible to neatly styled off the face.

4.                 For safety, all jewellery and watches are to be removed before class.

5.                 If a student does not have their correct uniform, shoes or does not have their hair done for class their teacher has the right to ask them to sit out the class or correct their uniform/hair before re-entering class as it may be unsafe for them to participate.

6.   When in uniform students are representing the studio even when outside of class, we ask that they will always behave in a professional manner.


1.                 As a part of enrolling at Pointe Dynamic Arts all students perform at the end of year showcase. This year’s showcase will be on the 11/12th of December and details of the shows will be given closer to the dates.

2.                 Students are encouraged to perform at any opportunity, however if they wish to perform any choreography learnt at Pointe Dynamic Arts students MUST ask permission for the studio and or teacher before doing so.

3.                 If a student is to leave Pointe Dynamic Arts they are not permitted to perform any routines learnt at the studio, including but not limited to solos/duos/trios at competitions, classes or any other events or performances.

4.                 Pointe Dynamic Arts retains ownership of all choreography. This includes, class work, performance routines, solos/duos/trios, Performance Team Routines and all/any other class plans, and choreography taught within the studio.


1.                 Pointe Dynamic Arts holds the right to utilise any photography in the advertising and promotion of the studio. If for any reason you or your child do not consent to this use of the imagery, please ensure you have noted this on your enrolment form.

2.                 Photos and video will be taken at our end of year performance as a memento for each of our students of their shows. If you do not consent to your child’s image appearing in these photos/videos please advise us so we can make arrangement to film the routine without your child for the DVD.


1.                 We ask that parents and students please refrain from “friend requesting” or “following” teachers and staff of PDA on social media. As we live in a small town there are some people within the studio that are personal friends or family of our staff, it is a personal choice of each staff member as to whom they choose to have on their Facebook or other forms of social media.

2.                 Pointe Dynamic Arts does have a public page on Facebook and Instagram that students and families are permitted and encouraged to follow and see the latest updates on what is happening at the studio, share photos ask questions or contact us and other information.


1.                 Students will be required to sanitise their hands before entering the studio.

2.                 The studio will be cleaned each evening after classes in preparation for the next day’s classes and professionally sanitised each term.

3.                 Students may be required to stand in the marked-out positions and adhere to social distancing while working in the studio. 

4.                 Students presenting with cold or flu like symptoms are not to attend classes and follow the advice of NSW Health.


NOTE: as these guidelines are continually being updated, please keep an eye on all information and updates as they may change through the course of the year and please follow all advise from NSW Health.


DISCLAIMER – Dance, Drama and Singing classes are a physical activity, with a risk of personal injury. Pointe Dynamic Arts takes every precaution to ensure the safety of all students in class, rehearsals or other performances and studio-based events; it therefore accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss whilst either at or near the studio or any other premises we may be operating. It is your responsibility to ensure that you/your child are physically and medically fit to participate.