PRO Status Houston

Privacy Policy

PRO Status Consumer Protection Policy

•Every employee, board member, parent, athlete and potential client will be screened for illness upon entry to the gym. There will be temperature checks for every client. Persons with temperatures above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be permitted on the premises. If the athlete is not allowed entrance due to a fever, the athlete can not return until clearance is received by a Doctor. The clearance must be sent via email. No paperwork will be accepted in person.

•Every client that has been exposed to COVID-19 will automatically have to self-quarantine and notify PRO Status of the exposure. The athlete will not be allowed on the premises until the 14-day quarantined period is over and a release is received from the Doctor that the client has tested negative for COVID-19.

•All athletes, coaches and staff must sanitize and/or wash their hands prior to entering the facility.

•All athletes, coaches, PRO Status board members and staff WILL be required to wear masks while in the building.

•Social Distancing signs and markers will be posted on the Cheer/Dance floors for all athletes to adhere to. Athletes will be placed 6 feet apart. Classes will have no more than 10 students and 2 coaches per block.

•All parents must pick up athletes wearing masks and must be lined up on the tape that is 6 feet apart outside of the doors.

•The dressing room, the back dance room, kitchen area and back restroom will be CLOSED until further notice. We are only using the restroom by the office. This is to prevent the athletes from being in close contact with one another. We are asking that all athletes leave all personal items at home and only bring water bottles or Gatorade. No phones, AirPods or any electronic devices will be allowed. In the event of an emergency, the office manager will utilize her phone to make the necessary calls.

•Athletes will enter through the front door, place their items at the front of the cheer/dance room by the trophies and once class is concluded, they will exit out the cheer/dance room door. Signs will be posted.

•All coaches/staff will wear nitrile gloves during tumbling classes for spotting purposes.

•All athletes, coaches, board members or staff will NOT be allowed to interact by ANY physical action. There will be no hugging, touching or high fives.

Parent Observation Policy

It has been our experience that children and our staff have a closer relationship and are able to establish a rapport and trust if you are not visibly present in the studio. We need your child’s undivided attention to help them progress with the speed and confidence we hope to see. Please remain in your car or leave for the hour(s) your child has class. PRO Status does not have a waiting area. We thank you for your cooperation.

Pick Up of Children Policy

The safety of children is of paramount concern to PRO Status Cheer and Dance Company. To track all drop offs and pickups of children, parent/guardians are required to check students out at the second gym door with the Office Manager or Board Member. No student will be allowed to walk to a vehicle alone.