Terms and Conditions

Progress Dance and Arts (Progress DNA) is a new age, inclusive dance and arts school that prides itself on creating a welcoming, safe and encouraging space for young artists to develop their talents in the arts, alongside their life skills and confidence. Established 2021.


ProgressDNA provides the following services for students aged 3 years and up:


Ballet (RAD Syllabus)

Hip Hop



SST - Stretch, Stretch, Technique





Company - Invite only classes

Guitar/ Keyboard/ Vocal or Music Theory

Enrolment Terms:

Enrolment is on an annual basis unless otherwise acknowledge by both parties in writing. You can cancel your enrolment at any time by written notice to the office - [email protected]

All enrolments are via our ClassManager database, accessed via the 'Join ProgressDNA' page on our website All family details are private and only accessible to the director.


Every student must have a ProgressDNA uniform ordered within two (2) weeks after enrolling at ProgressDNA. The ProgressDNA uniform shop is online. For details, please visit the uniform page on our website. It absence of uniform items, all clothing items must be black and dance appropriate. Warnings will be sent home for non-uniform or unsafe clothing after two (2) occurrences.

Safe Environment:

ProgressDNA is committed to a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for staff and students alike. All Staff and Students have a right to work/learn in an environment free from bullying and discrimination, and to be treated with dignity and respect. ProgressDNA will not tolerate any unacceptable or unkind behaviour.

ProgressDNA upholds kindness as a main studio value.

Payment of Fees:

Fees are charged per Term. A 50% deposit is expected by the start of term. 50% remaining tuition is to be payed by week 4 of term. A late fee of 10% will be charged for any fee that is overdue. Statements will be emailed a week prior to term starting.

A once per year, per family registration fee will be charged at the first family registration per annum. This must be paid prior to the attendance of the students first class. Additional fees will be charged for Company eisteddfod entries and costumes and Ballet exam entry fees. Private lessons will be charged separately. Solos, Duos and Trios are charged as private lessons.

Payment of Fees (Cont.)

A non-refundable concert costume fee will be added to your Term 3 invoice. You will need to advise the office in writing if your child will not be participating in our end of year concerts by the start of Term 3 this costume fee.

Concert tickets are an additional purchase and will be on sale in term 4.

New students joining mid-term are entitled to a pro-rata on the term fees. Free trial classes are available in most classes, space permitting.

Changes and cancellations to classes must be made via writing to the office at [email protected]

Cancellation of enrolment after Week 1 of any term is non-refundable if a student withdraws from classes. Refunds will be made only if ProgressDNA cancels a class.

Refunds will not be given if classes are missed. Account credits may be given for illness, injury or extenuating circumstances for prolonged absences.

In the situation that ProgressDNA cannot run face-to-face classes, we will endeavour to arrange online classes via zoom or similar platforms. No refunds will be issued unless otherwise advised in writing.

ProgressDNA will commence debt recovery through a Debt Collection Agency where an invoice is not paid by the end of the term and no conversation has been entered into. Agency costs will be added to your account.

Payment Method:

We encourage participants registration in our AutoPay program for simplicity of payments. Through EziDebit, you have control of the method of payment and the option to make early instalments. Please contact the office at [email protected] to arrange payment plans if you require a more specified plan.

All payments are to go through EziDebit unless otherwise stated in writing by both parties. We do not accept amex.

Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers are accepted. Only one voucher per student, per term. These are to be submitted via the website as prompted -


Regular attendance and punctual arrival for class is expected of all students at ProgressDNA. It is expected that any absence, late arrival or early departure be reported to the office as soon as possible, for the safety of our students. No child under 16 will be permitted to leave the premises unaccompanied at any time unless the office has written permission.


ProgressDNA is a registered CovidSafe business. All staff, parents and students must adhere to all health and safety protocols. More information on these protocols is available on