Rhythmix Academy Ltd

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Code of conduct for all students, parents and clients for our studio: We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all members of the rhythmix team. To ensure the effective running of Rhythmix Academy Ltd and protect all individuals connected with us, it is important that the following Code of Conduct is read, always respected and adhered to. Students must: • Participate within the rules and respect all teachers/staff/volunteers and their decisions. • Respect their fellow students. • Not distract, bully or harass other students inside or outside of classes. • Be polite and display good manners at all times. • Never slander Rhythmix Academy Ltd. • Treat all equipment with respect. • Inform the teacher (before the warm-up) if they have any injuries or an illness. • Wear the correct uniform and footwear for all classes. • Remove all body jewellery. • Wear their hair the correct way for each class. • Not bring fizzy drinks or chewing gum onto the premises. • Leave all valuables at home. Rhythmix will not be held responsible for loss of items. • Inform the teacher immediately of any changes of their health during a class. • Finally, we would love all students to enter a class with a smile and be ready to learn and have fun! Parents must: • Encourage your child to learn the rules and follow them. • Never slander Rhythmix Academy Ltd. • Arrive with your child already dressed appropriately for the class, with their hair tied up appropriately. • If your child is under 12, they must be accompanied by a parent until the start of their scheduled class. • Keep Rhythmix informed if your child is unwell or is absent from classes. • Endeavour to establish good communications with all staff, for the benefit of all. • Never challenge or threaten a member of staff. Any abusive language or behaviour to staff is not acceptable. Any concerns must come directly to the principal via e-mail [email protected] • Do not raise issues of disagreement publicly. • Collect your child promptly at the end of their class. • Pay all fees on time as stated on the invoices. A late payment fee will be issued if failure to do so and may risk your child losing their place in class. If you choose to withdraw from a class, we need to know by the payment deadline of the next term. If your invoice is not paid in full by the end of a term, your child will lose their space in the class going forwards until all fees are settled. No refunds will be issued if you leave Rhythmix midterm. No refunds will be issued for holidays, parties, trips and short illnesses. Students absent for a length of time due to an injury or illness will be considered a discount. • Give us notice if you are leaving a class, we need to know as early as possibly but the deadline to not be charged for the following term is by the payment deadline on invoices. We plan and choreograph a term ahead, therefore not letting us know if you are leaving will result in you having to pay for the next half terms lessons. As much notice as possible would be greatly appreciated, especially in the run up to exams and shows. • If your child does not attend for 3 weeks with no explanation, we will assume they have left the class and they will be removed from the register and will lose their place. Disciplinary Procedure For Students: 1) Anyone breaching this code of conduct will first of all be reminded of the rules 2) Repeated breaching of the rules may result in the removal from class, or the separation from other students, the student may be sat out. 3) Continuous breaching of the rules will result in parents being informed. 4) If there is no improvement, parents will be contacted again, and they will be invited to discuss the future behaviour of their child and agree join strategies for monitoring. 5) In extreme circumstances, where physical violence, verbal abuse or intentional damage of property is involved, the above will be by passed and parents will be contacted as a first step. Exclusion from classes may be considered. Emergency Medical Treatment All students, staff and clients give permission to any of the schools trained first aiders to make emergency decisions as necessary with regard to treatment received until, if necessary, emergency services are called. In the event of minor injuries, permission is given for trained first aiders to provide care until a parent or guardian arrives. You are also authorising Rhythmix to sign any medical documents which may be necessary for emergency treatment should the emergency contact not be available or get there in time. It is your responsibility to inform Rhythmix of any injuries or illnesses or changes in your health. Bad Weather/Snow Policy It is the studios’ policy to make every effort to remain open whenever possible. However, in the event of disruption caused by heavy snow and/or particularly adverse weather, the prime concern of the school must always be the safety of the pupils, parents and staff. However, in the event of disruption caused by heavy snow and/or particularly adverse weather, the prime concern of the school must always be the safety of the pupils, parents and staff. The decision to close the School will be taken by the Principal. The School will close if at least one of the following conditions apply; • Conditions on site are dangerous • Conditions are considered to be or are anticipated to later become too hazardous for travel Staff will always make every reasonable effort to undertake the journey to the Studio. However, should the weather conditions be considered to be, or are anticipated to later become too hazardous for travel, all lessons for any teacher who is unable to make it to the studio will be cancelled. Any decisions to close the School or cancel particular classes will be made as early as possible and updates will be provided to parents directly, in addition to updates to our social media accounts. In the event of bad weather, parents should check for any messages and our social media platforms before attempting to travel to the studio. Any lessons cancelled due to adverse weather conditions will not be eligible for a refund or credit on account. We would endeavour to try and rearrange classes, and offer the chance to attend an additional class if we run one on a different day, however this may not always be possible. Toileting Policy At Rhythmix Academy Ltd we will endeavour to support your child at all times, however we cannot assist with intimate care. Please read the below carefully and if your child cannot manage with this level of support, please do not leave them unattended at the studio. You will required to wait in reception incase you are needed. • If your child is under 5, at their request, a staff member will accompany them to the toilet. • Our stall will not enter the toilet with them, they will stand outside. • Our staff will encourage young children to NOT lock the door. • Staff can offer verbal reassurance and instructions but cannot enter the toilet until a child is washing their hands. Health and Safety Statement • You must keep Rhythmix Academy Ltd up to date with all medical history and any changes. • Emergency contact numbers will be available to access during class times, complying with our GDPR policy. • It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to emergency contact details. • In the case of a fire, all staff have a clear understanding of the procedures. • We undertake regular risk assessments at our premises. • It is our responsibility to have appropriate first aid boxes within our premises. In the case of an incident, an accident report will be completed and signed by client or parent/guardian. • There will always be a first aider available. • Students will be supervised during class time only, parents must ensure the safety of their child getting to and from the studio and in the reception area. Safe Touch Statement Teaching dance, acrobatics, fitness and pole dance is a physical activity and appropriate physical contact between students and teachers in class is essential to training. Teachers can make physical contact with a student to illustrate a concept or adjust an alignment or for safety in acrobatics and pole dance. We recognise that this physical contact is a complex topic and fully recognise our responsibilities with regards to safeguarding students and teachers and protecting everyone’s welfare. We have the following principles and procedures in place to fulfil our obligations: • Contact by the teacher to a student is made with particular awareness to the needs of the individual and to assist them. • All teachers will treat physical contact with sensitivity and care with regards to the wishes of the student. • Contact will not involve any force or any other instruments. • Teachers will be mindful of location of spotting and assisting and will request permission from the student wherever possible. However, the students safety particularly in acrobatics and pole dance is the teachers first priority. In the event of tricks becoming unsafe teachers will do whatever is necessary to spot the student and assist them back to a safe position. • Students are encouraged to discuss any concerns with teachers. • Students and teachers should report any issues or concerns to our trained safeguarding staff, Emma Groves or Charlotte Hathaway.