San-Marie Stage School

Terms and Conditions

San-Marie Stage School
Terms & Conditions

The San-Marie Stage School is an establishment of dance education for both examination and performance purposes.

The school currently divided the year into six terms which coincide with Essex County Council’s academic year calendar.

All new members will need to register online before their first visit.

During their first-week students may trial as many sessions that are suitable for their age and ability, free of charge.

Once prospective students have decided which class/classes they would like to attend a £10.00 joining fee is required. Class fees will then be added to our interactive website. Fees are collected monthly on the first of each month by either autopay, direct debit or cash via our studio office. Fees are paid a month in advance on a monthly basis. Students who have not paid their fees will not be able to attend class until full payment has cleared.

Cancellation of classes must be received in writing with one month’s notice. Fees must be paid until the notice period has been reached.

All fees including class fees, examination fees, show fees, and costume fees are non-refundable once paid.

If a pupil is absent for three consecutive weeks without notice it will be understood that the pupil no longer wishes to retain their place.

After the membership fee is paid, students are given four weeks to obtain the full San-Marie uniform.

All students must appear neat and tidy for class, hair must be tied back, and jewellery kept to a minimum. The teacher has the right to ask the student to remove/replace ill-fitting and unsafe footwear/dance wear.

Additional health & safety information - We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all students and staff/volunteers associated with us.  Our staff will support your child’s toileting needs; however, we cannot assist with intimate care.  Teaching of dance is a physical activity and appropriate physical contact between students and teachers in class is essential to training. Teachers can make physical contact with a student to illustrate a concept or to adjust a student’s alignment.  We recognise that such physical contact is a potentially complex area and we also fully recognise our responsibilities for safeguarding students and teachers and for protecting their welfare. Please be aware that all subjects taught at San-Marie Stage School are physically demanding.  The school can not be held responsible for any injuries suffered due to the student’s own causation. 

Responsibility of students when not in lessons -  We are not responsible for your child before, between and after lessons. We do, therefore, recommend that parents of children in year 6 and under remain in the building to supervise them between lessons.  Please note that children in year 6 and under will not be permitted to leave at the end of a lesson unless a parent / authorised adult is in reception to collect them. 

If you have any concerns regarding our T&Cs please do not hesitate to contact the school prior to confirming membership.