Sara Horner School of Dance

Privacy Policy

Students, participants and parents of SHSofD

In line with the new Data Protection Laws (GDPR), please read:

Identity & contact details of the Data Controller at Sara Horner School of Dance (SHSofD):   

 Sara Horner, 07809 096408,                                                                     [email protected]

Purpose of processing (obtaining and storing) data:

Consent to photograph and video students for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help achieve SHSofD aims, market research, names and dates of birth for administrative purposes and dance examination entries, emergency contacts and medical history for health and safety, contact details for SHSofD news and information, names in show programmes etc.

Categories of personal data:

Name, address, date of birth, contact details, medical history, fitness/dance history, emergency contact details, consent to photograph and video students.

·         The Data Controller (Sara Horner) and employees of SHSofD only, will be recipients of personal data and no information will be shared . However, for the purposes of dance examination entries or show participation, names and dates of birth will be required for the examination board and relevant show organisers/authorities.

·         Personal data will be retained as required by law and stored securely. It will then be destroyed and deleted securely.

·         All students, participants and parents have the right to withdraw their consent for their personal data to be retained at anytime unless their data is required for financial and tax return purposes for the HMRC. To withdraw, contact Sara Horner on 07809 096408 or [email protected].

·         All students, participants and parents have the right to complain to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), if they believe there is a problem with how their data was handled.


A copy of this Privacy Notice can be found on our website,