ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios

Terms and Conditions


1. Enrolment/Fee Policy:
1.1 Our Enrolments are annually and invoiced each school term, enrolments do not roll over automatically each year.
1.2 Term fee invoices are sent via email, 2 weeks prior to the end of each term.
1.3 Term fees are due before first lesson back of term.
1.4 All accounts must be settled in full within 14 days of the due date or a $25 Administration Fee will be charged.
1.5 Payment arrangements or automatic debit options are available please contact [email protected] to organise a payment arrangement.
1.6 Any Credit Card information will be destroyed at the end of each year and account holders must sign and fill in new details each year.
1.7 Students with over due accounts may lose their enrolment in chosen classes, costumes held or asked not to participate in mid/end of year productions.
1.8 Students that wish to un-enrol from classes or make changes this must be done in writing or email direct to our studio director or accounts manager, letting students or teachers know in class will be not accepted.

2. Refund/Class Cancellation Policy:
2.1 No refunds are given for any missed classes or holidays taken during school terms 2.2 In extreme circumstances such as illness or injury a full medical certificate must be given to our front reception or emailed to [email protected] to receive a class credit note or refund.
2.3 If ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios cancels a class during the year a full refund will be issued or a class makeup lesson will be organised.
2.4 For missed private lessons 24hrs notice must be given in order to receive a class credit or makeup lesson.

3. Concerts and Performances:
3.1 All students are encouraged to take part in the ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios Annual concerts/performances.
3.2 In order to keep to the high standard of the ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios Annual concert, it is important that all students attend rehearsals.
3.3 Some students enrolling in additional programs may be required to perform throughout the year at festivals, events or concerts
3.4 If a student is away for any specific amount of time it is the teacher’s decision whether or not the student will be able to perform. Teacher’s decision is final.
3.5 Dates of ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios End of year showcases will be confirmed at the end of Term 1. Our performance dates are usually the first weekend in November.

4. Rehearsals:
4.1 There will be a rehearsal fee of $30 per student issued with Term 4 invoices. This is a compulsory fee for all students. It is compulsory to attend all rehearsals.

5. Costumes:
5.1 A deposit of $40-$60 per class enrolled and will be charged to all accounts in Term 2 to cover all material and order costs of each costume. This deposit is non refundable if you choose to not perform.
5.2 The balance charged or credited will be added to accounts with Term 4 invoices. Costumes will not be issued until all fees and costume costs have been paid. Costumes can vary in cost and can cost anywhere between $40-$120 each, depending on the detail of a costume.  

6. Class Attire:
6.1 All students are required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear suitable for the classes they are enrolled into.
• Jazz, Musical Theatre – Black soft Jazz Shoes – Black leotard/crop/ singlet/t-shirt with leggings/shorts/dance skirt or ShowBiz Uniform Attire
• HipHop/BreakDance – Sneakers/Runners – Trackies and t-shirt, no denim
• Acrobatics – Bare Foot – leotard/crop with shorts/leggings or ShowBiz Uniform
• Ballet – Soft pink ballet shoes – Black Leotard and tights must be worn to all classes
• Tap- tan tap shoes for girls, black for boys and senior students- leotard/crop/ singlet/t-shirt with leggings/shorts/dance skirt or ShowBiz Uniform
• Contemporary/ Lyrical – foot paws – Leotard and tights must be worn to all classes

7. Staying Up To Date:
7.1 All Parents and students are to download the Team App; Available on all Smart phones, Computers and Tablets. This is where we regularly upload information. You will find the link on our website.
7.2 It is the responsibility of all students and parents to ensure they are up to date with all upcoming events and notices. We recommend all parents to come into the studio regularly to check our notice boards and newsletter stands. If your child is absent we expect parents or students to ask front reception if any notices were missed or give us a regular call to check up on progress.
7.3 ShowBiz also has a Facebook and Instagram Page as well as a private group for all parents and students on Facebook “ShowBiz PAS Parents and Students Private Group”

8. Important Additional Terms:
8.1 Parents and Students are reminded they must be punctual to all classes to ensure students do not miss out on their warm up, which is necessary to avoid any injuries.
8.2 Any behaviour or conduct by students or parents deemed unacceptable by the school will be reported. Students or Parents consistently ignoring these requirements may be asked to leave the premises.
8.3 Any damages to school property will be charged directly to the signatory of the enrolment form. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to look after their own children before or after classes at ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios.
8.4 No chewing gum is permitted into class and no denim is to be worn at anytime.

9. Emergencies/Injuries:
9.1 Encase of any emergency, illness or injury where a parent is not contactable, ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios will seek medical advice and act accordingly where treatment is deemed necessary. Any costs will be incurred by the parent/guardian.

10. Consent:
10.1 The student and their parent /guardian give permission to be photographed or videoed for promotional purposes whilst on the premises of ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios and at rehearsals and all performance events.

11. COVID Safe Policy:

11.1 STUDENTS MUST DANCE FROM HOME IF THEY ARE UNWELL: ShowBiz PAS will provide a Zoom link to all students that are required to dance from home. There will be no refunds for students not attending class due to illness AND/OR if government restrictions require us to stop face-to-face learning. If government imposed restrictions require us to once again close our doors we will revert to immediate online learning platforms. By re-enrolling with ShowBiz PAS you are agreeing to this approach and understand that you will not be refunded for any fees paid.

11.2 COVID SAFE Policies & Procedures DROP OFF/ PICK PROCEDURES: All students must be picked up on time. Students may be required to wait in the car until pickup of previous classes are cleared if our maximum number of participants in the building is reached. Our door monitor will let you know if this is the case. We ask all parents and caregivers to drop students at our front doors during this time, a friendly staff member will be ready and waiting to collect students, mark off their name, help them to sanitise their hands and walk them into their designated classrooms and back out afterwards. For all students with special needs or under the age of 6 one parent/caregiver will be allowed in our waiting areas. For all other students if your circumstance is exceptional and you require to be inside the premises for your child, you must provide a written document addressed to our Director, [email protected] and this must be approved prior to entering. 

11.3 MASK WEARING POLICY: This policy is in line with the current DHHS guidelines as at 1st November 2020. The ShowBiz PAS Mask wearing policy will be reviewed and updated in line with advice provided by the Victorian Chief Health Officer.STAFF: All staff are required to wear masks whilst they are in or around the facility, It is not compulsory for teachers to wear a mask whilst giving instruction and during vigorous exercise STUDENTS: Students under the age of 12 are not required to wear a mask, students 12 years and over are required to wear a mask to, from and around the facility students are not required to wear a mask during vigorous exercise PARENTS/CAREGIVERS: A condition of entry is that a face mask must be worn at all times Masks will be supplied to member that requires one to enter the facility. 

Thank you, for choosing ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios. We trust that you will have a fantastic experience with us and look forward in seeing your progress in the coming year!